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How can I get pictures to post on my site or blog?

Asked by MarcoDemarco (221points) May 24th, 2012

I’d like to use pictures for each of my blog posts. I want to use these pictures without infringing on anyone’s copyright. Websites like and pretty much every content website out there does this.

Where can I get pictures to use on my site without infringing on anyone’s copyright? Are there any websites I can use? If I get pictures from an individual do I have to ask that person to sign a release or anything like that?

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Well, while bad form you can just use whatever you find. People could bitch and send out a DCMA takedown request to your hosting company. You should comply with that but it is very rare.

I wouldn’t worry about it much since you would be one of about 500 million sites that do it.

But if you want to be legit start here.

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I really wouldn’t worry about it. You’d only encounter problems if… (A) The picture is owned outright by another party and it is exclusive to them. .. AND (B) You are using the image to make money. Great example: Using Dell’s images of computers to sell a Dell computer. They will hunt you down quick and make you stop doing that if you tried.

I can’t really condone infringing on someone’s copyright, but most images are public domain, and there’s tons of copies of just about every pic on the net. It’s just too widespread… after all you don’t check to see who owns a funny pic you want to post on facebook before you upload it do you?

Getty images is one entity that is probably the most likely to cause you headaches if you publish a pic they own and you don’t have rights to it.

But really the only way they’d come after you is if you did that whole trick where you go to istock photo, find a watermarked image that you want, copy the stock number of the image, then go to google images and search that stock number and find a copy of the image on someone else’s site without the watermark that the person was just too lazy to change the file name to something other than the original stock number it came with when they bought it so now you have a free unwatermarked istock photo…..but you won’t do that , will you? No of course not.

Oh, PS – since we’re talking about web images… possibly the best image site on the web that i’ve seen is, love that site

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You can always use a digital camera to take your own pictures. Lots of smartphone cameras now produce really fine picture quality as well. I love photography, so I would definitely use my own work on a blog.

If that’s not an option, you can Search Google and Bing clicking Images and entering the keyword or phrase of the image you are looking for plus the words, public domain. Also try the search with creative commons and again with GNU (General Public License). And you can buy Stock photo licenses inexpensively from stock agencies like With all that available, why cheat?

@gambitking Thanks for the link. There went 20 minutes I thought would be spent here. But those are all copyrighted images.

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If this is a personal blog, it probably doesn’t matter but if its business or professional, you really shouldn’t use copyrighted images (even if no one will find out). It reflects poorly on your business. There are plenty of public domain images. Stock photos are pretty cheap, I use and they have both free and paid images.

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Sorry forgot this link as a starting point for royalty-free images: Wikimedia Commons

Plus know that I know how to put links in Fluther, this is for PhotoXpress :)

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Images will make my really make my content more tempting, more appealing. And all I had to do was post a question on Fluther and have you good folk help me out. Thanks so much dudes, and sorry for my late response.

@gambitking: Thanks a lot for the iStock trick lol. I want to keep my site professional so I don’t think I’ll be infringing on anyone’s copyright. I got a good laugh, though.

@trishan: Thanks a lot.

Okay so to add value to this forum, let’s recap. I can find public domain or GNUed images on Wikimedia Commons and PhotoXpress. Any other sites where I can find and use images on my site?

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Actually you have to pay to use PhotoXpress, so scratch that. Thanks anyways @trishan.

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Google is the easy way to find the pictures on the Internet. Just look for those pictures which are without any bookmark or label. Everyone is using them so why not you.

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