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How do you force upper case in a topic?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) May 24th, 2012

On this question I wanted to show a topic of ATM. No such topic existed. In fact, there were really no topics in the preordained list that fit well for this question, which was about ATMs. So I went ahead and made up a logical list of topics. When I submitted the question, Fluther lowercased the acronym. It’s an acronym, so it should be all upper case. I tried editing the question and making it all Caps again, but again the back end turned it to lowercase.

We have a few topics that do have upper case. Do the Moderators or the Jelly Gods do that? For instance, Clinton is capitalized but both democrat and republican are all lower case. Is that just the luck of the draw, or a political statement from the Jelly Gods?

Is there some trick to get ATM to appear just like that in the Topics list of a question—to force the use of an upper case letter where it’s actually required by the rules of grammar?

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When I look at that question, I see ATM (in upper case) everywhere.

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@gailcalled @ETpro is talking about the topics in the question. It is automatically lower cased by the server or code or whatever converts topics.

@ETpro try sending a message to the mods about this. I’m sure they’ll be of help.

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Can’t you just write cash machine?

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Ah, you were referring to cash machines…
After your salad tossing question from a few days ago I immediately assumed this was the other ATM.

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~looks for “salad tossing” question~

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Ask, and ye shall receive.

It automatically defaults to lower case, but topic editors can change it when needed. :)

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Topic “Chiclet” now has ATM in uppercase – - -ooooh @augustlan fixed it.

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@erichw1504 Knowing how busy the mods are, I hate to bug them over something like this. I was just hoping there was some arcane trick that would let me do it myself.

@rebbel Ha! It took me a moment to guess what kind of ATM you meant. No, I’d never ask about that in META and certainly would preface it with a [NSFW] warning.

Now since we have a weekend a’coming; what can I ask about that kind of ATM action?

@erichw1504 Give and it shall be given unto you, presed down, shaken together and running over.

@augustlan Thanks. It looks awesome now. I really appreciate your taking the time to fix it.

@Tropical_Willie So I see. Ain’t that beautiful?

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@ETpro In answer to your question, apparently, you don’t or can’t “force” the upper case in a topic; it seems that you simply have to ask, and Auggie, or someone, will take care of it for you. Through their incredible negotiating skills, they can apparently, peacefully and without bloodshed, persuade lower case letters to become capital letters; and isn’t that really so much better, for everyone, and more civilized, than having to resort to force? :-)

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