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Did my lunch salad contribute to the downfall of Europe?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30573points) May 24th, 2012

I made a salad for lunch today. On the lettuce, I sprinkled some Gorgonzola cheese. I used Feta Cream dressing (form Trader Joe’s in case you are interested) on top.

Have I just started an intra-Mediterranean war?

(at least I didn’t choose Russian dressing today)

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Nah, you’re clear.

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No amount of soap can clean the blood from your hands.
You truly are history’s greatest monster.

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Let’s hope so.

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So it was you!!

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Was you? Soit.

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Unless you were making seizure salad you should be fine.

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The good old US of A is a melting pot, hadn’t you heard? We believe in mixing cultures, unexpected as the results may be. Particularly, food-wise.

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I think Greece and Italy have more pressing issues than your salad.

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Did my television choice contribute to the downfall of America?

I watched a documentary about greenhouse gases and rising sea levels today. During a commercial I switched channels and sprinkled some gas guzzler commercials into the program. I watched a Hummer (from General Motors in case you are interested) having to refuel, its driver explaining about the global warming hoax to his wife.

Have I just started an intra-American war?

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