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Do all areas have radio stations with generic names like "The Edge" and "Hitz FM"?

Asked by NuclearWessels (1180points) May 24th, 2012

I live near the canadian boarder and I pick up a canadian ”Edge” and also have one in my city. I’ve heard of ”Hitz FM”‘s in multiple cities. Other names I feel are common would be:
’#’ Rock
The Beat
The Buzz

How common are these? What are some station names where you live?

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Yes. This is just a sample.

Rebel FM
Raw FM
SBS Chill
Mood FM
The Crack
Zoo Super Digi
Gorilla Radio
Triple J
Edge FM

Amongst many “others”.

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The Toronto Edge per chance? Because if so, it is way better than the Buffalo Edge.

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@amujinx Yep, I completely agree.

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A few media conglomerates own stations in just about every major market and they use the same playlist and marketing and stylish sorts of names for all of them.

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We have ‘K’ 104.7

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