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Any idea for stuff to do, when you have about 10 weeks off?

Asked by tups (6709points) May 25th, 2012

I have no exams this year, which means I am free for 10 weeks! It’s just great, amazing, what I’ve been dreaming about for a year. But what am I actually gonna do? What would you guys do?

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TRAVEL my ass off. Then get off my ass and travel some more!!!

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Depends on your budget and location.

I would be all over this.

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@johnpowell That looks very cool, but I am not American and I can’t afford a trip to US.

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Boy oh boy! Any chance that you might have both 10 weeks off and have money? That would be be the perfect storm of goodness! Do you have any money? Do you have some money? What can you afford to do? Money isn’t everything, of course, and having money is no guarantee of a good time and is certainly not necessary when it comes to filling 10 weeks with wonderful things, And, location, location, location. What can you afford to do, given where you are? Knowing a little bit about your financial situation and where you live would certainly make a big difference in how people are able to answer this question.

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Try to do as many things as you can that you think will make you happy.
And try your hobbies.

Swimming, bodybuilding, play sports (tennis, football, cricket, carom, badminton, etc.), watch movies, draw pictures, meet different people, travel as you may wish, help parents or someone needy,...

Do what you couldn’t because you had no time. Do you remember?

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What would I do?
Travel, naturally.

Where do you live? We can give better recommendations if we know…

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Travel. And if I was out of shape, I would get back in shape. That is just about enough time to complete p90x again.

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Travel – even around my own city. See all those places you have been meaning to visit.

What hobbies have you been thinking “I really want to…”. Now is your chance. Get your camera out and start taking pictures. Take some cooking classes. Learn a musical instrument. Take some classes in a language so when you get another 10 weeks off you can be prepared to travel to places you have always wanted to see.

Start a blog.

Take up cycling, swimming or a team sport.

Read all those novels in the pile by the side of your bed that you have felt guilty about picking up because it would distract you from your studies.

Visit friends or family you have neglected.

And finally, and the best option, do some voluntary work for an organisation or people in need in your community. Share your time with others in a positive way.

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If you don’t have money to travel, then do some hobbies and if you have a little money, then try to squeeze in some weekend trips or day trips. I would be reading and enjoying the heck out of myself, if stuck at home!

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Take walks and be in the outdoors as much as possible. Swim if I could find a place. Read some books I have been wanting to read. Volunteer somewhere. Get a job. Just enjoy having time off. Reorganize my closets.

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I, like many jellies above, would travel if I had the money to do it. If not, I would see the tourist sights within two hours of where I lived that I had not visited yet. I would get in touch with friends and visit. Possibly get a summer job if I wanted a little extra cash. Oh, and relax, catch up on sleep, and appreciate having a break from my routine.

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Get a job that will help you with career development. Invest the money in an aggressive mutual fund.
Take extra classes.

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Volunteer in a humane society, or volunteer helping illiterate adults learn how to read.

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Learn to cook. If you already know the basics, explore and experiment. You’ll have the fun of creating and your family will enjoy the results. (I would hope.)

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Thanks a lot for all the suggestions, guys! I would love to travel, but I might be too young to travel on my own, I don’t have much money, but a little and I live in Scandinavia.

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@tups how old are you?

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I’m 18.

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Me, I’d look up a local group that likes to meet to go off of walking/hiking/camping adventures. Also, the underground and abandoned building explorer people seem to have great times.

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Visit this “volunteer site“ and find something in your area.

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@tups When I was 18, I spent two months – by myself – making my way round China & SE Asia.
Best thing I’ve ever done. Be adventurous.

If you haven’t saved up enough money for that, perhaps you could hop down to Germany and Interrail around Europe for a bit, by yourself or with friends. Even if you go alone, you will meet many nice people in youth hostels. If the train is too dear, you could still fly to one or a few locations around Europe pretty cheaply (

If that’s still too dear, get some friends together and drive out into the wilderness to camp, admire the scenery, and so on. Peninsular Scandi has some beautiful landscapes.

The_Idler's avatar is a place for people to offer free accomodation & food in return for volunteer work. So really the only cost of your trip is travel.

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@The_Idler How did you do that – travel to China and SE Asia?

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@tups I booked a flight from London to Hong Kong, and another (2 months later) from Singapore to London.

I then used every different form of transport to make my way up from HK to Beijing, and then back down through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Malaysia to Singapore.

This was my year “out” of education, between school and uni.
I worked in a glass factory for 3 months to pay for my trip.

Obviously, if you haven’t saved any money you’ll have to be somewhat less ambitious. But I don’t know why you’d think 18 is too young to go travelling. Most people in the hostels are 18–25. Europe is great to travel round, staying in hostels and exploring cities. Everyone you stay with is very friendly and sociable.

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Another possibility is a repositioning cruise. Sometimes there are fantastic deals for repositioning. If you are a little nervous about travel, a cruise would be more structured. But, the fares are usually based on double occupancy.

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You could go to a temp agency and work. Earn some money.

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Road trip, baby!

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