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What should I do about my current job situation?

Asked by DylanMueller (210points) May 25th, 2012

Picture this; you enter a career of Art Sales, your job title being Art Consultant. You receive no training, and must research and teach yourself about all of the different types of art, artists and how each individual piece is made. Now, imagine that after 1 week of being in this position you rise to the top of the sales people based only on your willingness to learn in addition to your outgoing personality. While this may seem like the perfect job, it isn’t.

Your manager constantly changes rules, is extremely passive aggressive. And when you finally get fed up with her, you report her to her superior only to get yelled at and threatened that if you do it again it will only harm you.

Your co-worker is always late; she says she’s perpetually late (Usually 30 minutes in the least but can go up to 3 hours of tardiness). She constantly talks shit about your manager, and your manager doing the same about this worker. But you’re not sure if she’s with you or against you.

But don’t worry; your manager is always late too, 2 hours in the least but sometimes not showing up at all.

After being there for about 2 months you discover there is a lawsuit against the company, your manager, and the president of the company. Alleging that your manager did drugs on company property, and harassed an employee. The president sexually harassed and assaulted this employee and then was wrongfully terminated.

Then your manager steals a sale from you of $4,800.

Please help me, what should I do?

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What are you waiting for? Get out of there. Find another job either while working there or just quit and look for another one. I would rather work at a minimum wage job before working at that one with all that stress. From what you have said, you won’t be able to change anything so leave as soon as possible.

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See if you can work the system to your advantage. This place looks ripe for the picking. Thirty minutes late but three hours is OK? Then be 2:45 late every day. Work it to your advantage.

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If you’ve only been there two months, your resume is still fairly current. Just add a little blurb in there to sure that you were actually employed, send out a few dozen copies, and bail.

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I quit that job… possibly after pulling a ridiculous (and untraceable to me) prank that in some fashion screws them over.

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These people you’re working with/for lack integrity and I’m sure others in the Art community already know it. Any prolonged association may make you “one of them” in the eyes of others. My advice to you is to get out of there as fast as you can.

What you are describing appears to fit the definition of a hostile work environment and it will only get worse. Contact the attorneys that have files suit against them, I’m sure they’d love to add you to the list of complaintants. Don’t try to make sense of this, chalk it up to experience and move on. Good luck.

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The experience you have acquired is going to look good on a resume. I agree with the others that you have to get out. It is a wonder how this place stays in business. One word of advice. When you do job interviews, do not say anything bad about where you are working and do not burn your bridges behind you. You never know when or under what circumstances you will meet with a former co-worker. If the interviewer asks why you want to leave, mention something about career growth or some such thing. The last thing that you want to do is give any indication of not being a “team player.”

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Easy! Enjoy it while it lasts and look for something else in the meantime.

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Do you want to make this type of business your career? If so then do as @BosM wrote- get out now before it becomes assumed of you and your character to be like the people you currently work with.

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Network. While on this job, Have you made any contacts with people who might be able to give you job leads? Use ‘em. If not, make ‘em. Does this firm have a rival firm in the same kind of business that might like to steal you away? Make discreet inquiries.

If you have a talent for sales in general, especially high-end stuff like art, I would think you could probably find another sales job even if it’s not art sales. But my limited experience with this kind of work leads me to believe that this field is full of manipulators, users, and bs-ers.

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Start looking for a new job right away, do not say anything negative about your current job while you are looking. Keep a positive spin on everything.

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It’s not very wise to talk so openly and in such detail about your work situation; nothing is private these days,

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Get a new job ASAP!

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