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Would Jesus have preached a sermon like Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC.

Asked by ETpro (34568points) May 25th, 2012

Please watch this short video of Pastor Worley preaching about his clever plan to totally eliminate the problem of “lesbians and queers” and tell me if you think Jesus, as presented in the Bible, would have endorsed the Pastor’s master plan?

If you don’t agree with Pastor Worley’s plan, if it sounds so dangerous you feel it should be actively opposed, here’s a petition the Human Rights Campaign has set up so you can share this video on Facebook or Twitter.

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Well, he did flip out and cursed a tree because it did not have any fruit (which is to be expected for a tree out of season).

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If Jesus really did exist he might have said those things.

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And do not forget that he explicitly stated that the entirety of the OT law is still in effect and is to be followed to the letter or you will be “least in heaven”.
And you know that the law commands you to kill them.
Furthermore, he extended the definition of “adultery” to not just be the act itself, but includes merely looking at a woman “lustfully”. And you know what the punishment for adultery is. Jesus introduced thought crime, punishable by death, into the religion.
So you might want to reevaluate your rosy picture of Jesus being a pinko hippie.
He was not. Quite to the contrary.

(Oh, and this “love your neighbour” thing: He quoted that right out of leviticus, so that was nothing new either.)

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Jesus, if he existed at all, resented the political and economic institutionalization of the mystical church. Like most revolutionaries, he questioned why certain people gained priveledge simply because of their unearned status within established institutions. No different than people questioning why the President is wonderful simply because he won an election. No different than Martin Luther questioning what gave the Holy Church in Rome the authority to dictate the nature of the relationship between the individual and God.
Jesus may or may not have agreed with Worley. We will never know. But popular opinion is that he would disapprove.
But the truth is, Jesus’ supposed opionion is not relevent.
Do you need Jesus’ advice in order to render a moral judgement for or against The Reverend Mr. Worley?
Clearly you do not. You have demonstrated that you are smarter than that.
So what are you getting at? Do you think that that there must be some organized resistance against this moron? It will take care of itself. You know that. What is the problem?

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@ragingloli See I was thinken that meant Jesus liked them fruits, ya know.
@Charles But the story goes Jesus got the hooker off Scot free! What a mouthpiece.
@Judi Cool link. Thanks for link. GA!
@josie Taking my silly hat off for just a short time here are a few of the Problems

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I have this fantasy now that he and his followers build that fence, and then wind up behind it themselves. How come hateful people can never see how they fail the test of the golden rule? Would the preacher in the video put his granddaughter behind a wall if she was a lesbian? I hope Jesus would never say such things. I think of Jesus as being a compassionate man who believed we are all God’s children. Whether we believe what was written in the bible or not, Jesus represents what God would want for people here on earth. Jesus is a symbol, a guide, and people pin on Jesus what they believe is the best way for a society to survive; morality and rules to live by, not the reverse. It seems to me society decides the rules and then uses Jesus as a way to spread them. NonChristians do it with other figures or methods. For people who believe Jesus is the son of God, my statement might seem dismissive or diminishing Jesus’ importance. But, I don’t think he being the son of God or not takes away from any messages he had of love, understanding, acceptance, and spirituality.

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I grew up in the North and that accent he has, well….. I can’t get over the fact that he opens his mouth and says those words in that accent and just confirms my prejudice. Why do people insist on confirming my prejudices? Ignorant.

The idea that the the group he hates will just ‘die out’ because they can’t reproduce because they are penned up, separated, is hilariously ignorant and again, confirms another prejudice of mine.

I don’t really care what people think or don’t think about their myths and legends. I live in the real world where anyone who talks like this is ignored or laughed at and ridiculed.

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When I first purchased a computer just 3 years ago I used to watch this type of nonsense, now I just ignore it. There are enough of these dogmatic religionists around, enough where just ignoring them rather than giving them the time of day seems to be a better policy. Remember, you can’t legislate against hate!

Even as a person such as myself who believes in some type of divinity in the universe (I’m a nonreligious theist, but not a deist) what Jesus would have done is irrelevant to me anyways. The Bible does not have supreme authority on everything divine to me, nor does anything else that has anything to do with any other types of religious beliefs either.

One thing that I’ve learnt from growing up in an area where I’m completely surrounded by the Conservative Christian agenda is that they love to cherry pick from the Bible, kind of like how they love to cherry pick from the U.S Constitution. From reading the New Testament it does seem that Jesus (assuming he even existed, let alone having any type of divine powers) would be the dead opposite of a Conservative Christian.

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