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Would you describe your Memorial Day weekend as restful, productive or social?

Asked by jca (35971points) May 26th, 2012

I’m being productive today, cleaning and organizing, and then social later on, going to a party.

How bout you?

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I would say a little bit of all three. Although I am already tan, I like to go to the pool and just read, because I don’t think there’s a beach fairly close to Cincinnati. Except Lake Eerie, which isn’t the cleanest beach.

I also find it very productive because I’m studying for my exams, and I’m cleaning up a lot more. I just finished cleaning my room, and doing my laundry.

And very very very VERY social because I have three parties to go to in a few hours.

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I just came back from my typically harrowing monthly trip to the local humane society, where I haul Milo to get his nails clipped.

We spent a quiet and routine morning until it was the moment to pick him up and place him in the carrier, in the car’s back seat. He rushed to hide under the middle of my king-sized bed. We had a merry time while I poked him with a mop, and he repositioned himself.Finally I had him cornered in the corner and was able to scruff him. I began to sweat.

Five minutes into the trip, on cue, he threw up. I continued to sweat. The young woman who cut his nails said that he was docile and well-behaved. On the return trip home, he drooled froth.

A friend is on his way over to dig up the many extra spring flowers and wild yellow and blue iris that I love to spread around the neighborhood. We’ll share a raspberry iced tea with a garnish of fresh mint and fresh berries and a biscotti.

Monday is the first year anniversary of my mother’s death, and my sister and I will spend time together.

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All three. It basically is like any other weekend because we are not going anywhere, just hanging around the house.

My husband is outside right now doing something on his car. Around 2:00 we are going to a new branch of an international market we have in my area, and I just hope they have not run out of my favorite items since it is opening day. I wouldn’t even go today, because of fear of the crowds, but the advertised opening day is Monday, today is a soft opening, so I am going to risk it. I would like to go out dancing tonight, but not sure it will happen.

Tomorrow we have friends coming over in the late afternoon. The plan is to eat and go through some music with them.

Monday maybe we will go to the park or something? Or, maybe I can get my husband to try out the riverboat. Not sure.

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Boring, and hot.

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All three. Yesterday was productive, today is a grad party/bbq at a friends and tomorrow will be restful. I’m also house/horse/yard sitting for my neigh-bors who are out of town.

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@Coloma: Ooh, free black gold for your gardens…

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All three: the pool, live bands, boat show, relaxing, family time during all.

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I would describe mine as beer and brisket.

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@gailcalled Yes, and 3 sizes to choose from, mini-donkey, medium mule and extra large draft horse. lol

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@digitalimpression: My large Jewish family feels that with brisket you can only drink Manischewitz.

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It’s one of our store’s biggest sale weekends during the year so it’s extra long hours, batshit crazy people and no days off. Just another work weekend :(

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Restful today, but tomorrow we’re going on a day trip to New York City, so that ought to be fun and exhausting! I’m excited, I’ve only been once before.

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Eat meat and worship Satan.
Not sure which category that belongs in.

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So far, VERY productive! Moved two tall shelves and a foosball table yesterday!

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@gailcalled Well I didn’t have any of that. I was drinking this

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It’s social and a little sad. My youngest daughter and her family is visiting and it will probably be their last visit for awhile because her company is transferring her to Beijing, China for three years. I just hope that I’m alive when they return.

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@Ron_C What? Are you sick?

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It’s not a special weekend over this side of the pond, and it’s been a quiet restful day for me. The rest of the family have been out all day, it’s been too hot to go out anywhere so all I’ve done, besides eating salad, drinking lots of lemonade and taking my dog for a long walk, is mess about on the internet.

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Today – Productively working
Tomorrow – Social butterfly
Monday – Restfully laidback.

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@digitalimpression: I am sure that you have a more sophisticated palate than my grandma birdie did. (It would have been hard not to.)

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I’m packing for my week long trip to Disneyland.

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Last night was busy and productive, getting @Fly ready for her senior prom and to meet up with her friends on time (a little late, but not terribly late). She looked gorgeous! The rest of the weekend, blissfully restful. I might venture to the hardware store tomorrow. Maybe. Otherwise, nothin’.

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@augustlan You always say you’ll go, and then you don’t. This is like a weekly tradition for you now. ;)

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@mangeons I know. :( I’m gonna’ get there someday, dang it!

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It was intended to be restful, but it’s turned out to be hot and frustrating as the heat has soared to a humid 90 and there’s family drama afoot.

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It’s a bit of everything for us. Our youngest will be turning 1 tomorrow, so we are having a birthday party for him. That means being productive and cleaning the house today, being social at the party tomorrow, and then relaxing on Monday when it’s just us again and we are all off from school/work (until I go in to work Monday night).

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Got the house clean. Sort of.

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@Dutchess_III My house is spotless..neener neener lol

Had a great time at my friends grad party/bbq yesterday, drank wine, played badminton and danced and danced on the deck, then, a great little afternoon T-storm, but warm and breezy out, and a double rainbow over the mountains. Spectacular!

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Completely social! I have got absolutely no work done this entire weekend.

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We just bought two riding mowers for $800. One for the house and one for the land. A helluva deal! Anybody got $800 I can borrow??

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Yesterday i shopped for new summer clothes and found some really good bargains. That was productive and fun. Then I made a really nice dinner of teriyaki tuna over greens. Mmmm, way better than hotdogs and hambugers. Today I stressed out all afternoon over a powerpoint presentation that I have to help out with for work. I haven’t got a clue the right way to do it and haven’t been able to get any straight answers how to format my images from anyone at my office. I love doing it but I am being pushed to do things I have no training in.

Just finished another good dinner, Strangely decided to make Weiner Schnitzel with bacon-parmesan-celery root and arugula. It turned out really good. I’m going to watch Witches of Oz next.

Tomorrow I will go to the art show at Washington Square in NYC. When I come home I have to finish my powerpoint. Gahhhh!!! Shit!!! I just want to relax.

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Whew, we finally got to the hotel, took a miniature train ride, took the boys in the pool, ate dinner, and we’re going to bed now (9 pm ish)

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I still didn’t make it to the hardware store…

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@augustlan “Shocker” :)

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Today, restful. Hung out at a little known marina at Kaw lake on a floating dock with a “store” 10 feet away where you buy $2.00 beer! :)

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Today was restful, definitely. I was too worn out after walking around New York yesterday to do anything productive or social!

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@mangeons I went to Walmart today, and got what I needed (well some of what I needed) there. :)

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I have to share the best social moment of my weekend. I went to the Washington Square Art Exhibit in Manhattan. My husband and I were quite early so some of the artists were still in the process of setting up their booths on the sidewalk when we started looking. I got to a booth where the artist had some really great paintings of barns. Each one was different from the next but they were all finely rendered. They reminded me of Andrew Wyeth’s style, almost Spartan in feel and yet many of the barns were shown on grassy hillsides rendered more impressionistically, almost like a Seurat
The artist was trying to hang more paintings but he was so excited about something he could hardly contain himself! His companion, an older woman who seemed to be some sort of agent or something, or maybe just a friend, was trying to get him to focus. I overheard that he had sold something but he was going to hang it up anyways. So I asked him, “Have you sold something already?” And he said “Yes!!!” He was so stoked! It turned out that he had sold it to a Japanese man who was opening a cafe in Tokyo. “Tokyo!” he said, clearly ecstatic that his painting was going to be hung somewhere halfway around the world from him where many people would see it.

He apologized to me for blurting out his news. I was thinking, are you kidding? I told him congratulations and good luck and walked away feeling a chill down my spine to have shared in his moment of happiness. It was so great.

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@JLeslie “What? Are you sick?” Not really but I do have a couple problems that are npt conducive for a long life.

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@Earthgirl What a lovely experience.

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YARNLADY Yes, it was just one of those things. I got to be there at a good moment and share a complete stranger’s great moment. I really did get chills! Really, literally. Of course, I wish that someday I will be able to be in his shoes.

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