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What is creepier than a centipede?

Asked by CWOTUS (25297points) May 26th, 2012

My niece just posted on her FB wall that “nothing creeps [her] out more than centipedes”.

So I’m looking for suggestions here. Humor is all I want, but even serious-creepy things are welcome. I’ll put the best of the suggestions on her FB wall… and she’ll probably never be creeped out by centipedes ever again. She’ll have a whole list of creepier things.

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Dick Cheney.
Oh, and the vengeful kid in Flatliners.

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I agree that silverfish are one of the creepiest things ever, everything about them is scary and disgusting. Try finding one in your towel… one of the worst experiences of my life.

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Thanks guys I literally went BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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a human centipede

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Centipedes in my vagina?
It is more likely than you think.

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Thanks to all so far. Go ahead; make me sorry I asked. Make everyone who reads the thread from now on wish they never had. I think some of these answers, good as they are, may not make it to my niece’s Facebook wall. But don’t let that stifle your creative capacity for shock, horror and disgust.

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Potato Bug.

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Maggots and tapeworms get my vote for most grotesque creatures. Centipedes are cool IMO.

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The fungus that does this
Just imagine a version that did this to humans.
(our scientists are working on it)

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That’s pretty creepy, all right, @ragingloli.

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Flesh eating bacteria. And gangrenous fingers.

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Oddly enough, silverfish never bothered me.

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Silverfish? We call them house centipedes.

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why the hell did I come into this thread while I’m eating! what is wrong with me!

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Large bellied men in boats, passing themselves off as “girlbait” yeah right!

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@Mama_Cakes I found a house centipede in my office. Not a silverfish. They’re cool.

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My room is filled with silverfish. :-( It IS very creepy.

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kids in a sandbox

not what you think. google it

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Not very much! The giant millipedes I’ve seen pictures of would probably send me over the edge.

We have house centipedes and I am sort of getting used to them. They’re close to the color of the carpet so they still have that element surprise.

@Nullo My desire to visit New Zealand just took a nosedive.

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I was going to say millipedes too, but I really think maggots top them in terms of the creepy, icky factor.

The things that really freak me out though are cane toads. Ugh… hate them and they are everywhere in Queensland. They are poisonous and when you are walking about at night in the garden, you can hear them scuttle, hop, whatever they do, away. I am always worried about stepping on one.

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The blobfish.

Fast forward to 2:05 The face is what gets me, it looks a little too humanlike.

And cockroaches.

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Some creepy stuff here, all right. I hope I sleep tonight.

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For some reason, and I don’t get creeped out easily, Earwigs really wig me out. Especially when there area lot of them swarming.

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@majorrich Have you seen the original Star Trek clip of the ear wigs?

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Half a centipede in a your sandwich?

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@Bellatrix—to fully appreciate the maggot’s inner beauty, one must get up close and personal.

Bellatrix's avatar

Ewww. Thank you @ratty…

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Shut up you guys! I’m still eating!....On second thought, this would be a great thread for those on a diet!

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I once ate chicken that was maggot infested. I only noticed that it was crawling all over after I already took a few bites.

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Okay, I just gagged a little.

Tell her spiders are creepier, especially really big icky creepy disgusting huge ugly scary ones.

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@ragingloli had the exact same experience.

Roaches, millipedes, spiders, and praying mantises when you wake up to one hanging on your ceiling.

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My daughter once came “home”. Grabbed a box of cereal, poured it into a bowl, poured milk in it and scarfed ¾ths of down before she realized that the bit of milk and cereal in the bowl was wiggling….

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Maggots and worms piss me off.

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a centipede with a foot fetish…

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@ragingloli Also happened to my sister. Maggots just looove chicken it seems.

Moths sitting on your walls. You never know when they will fly off and attack you, they just sit and wait and possibly scheme. There was a black one on the laundry wall and every night I would walk in to go to the toilet it would move its position. And one day I finally killed it.

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Praying Mantis are cool.

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I love preying mantises. Last fall I put a male near a female and they mated for an hour before she ate his head. Watched the whole little scene unfold, it was great. lol

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I found a large (8 inch) praying mantis on my front walk, took it in and kept it for about four or five months until it turned brown and was sickly. The best part was getting a bunch of crickets and feeding it, those mantids are fast! My kids loved it.

Mantids are not at all creepy.

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I’m also creeped out by centipedes. I think the Aussie funnel web spider is a scarier arthropod, and I would find a swarm of Nomura jellyfish to be about as creepy.

I’m another mantis fan. They’re sleek, green, and clean beneficial little predators.
The largest one I ever saw down here in So Cal, was about 3 inches long.

Also, Mickey Mantis was one of the best ballplayers ever! ;-p

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Hmm…something creepier than centipedes and yet humorous. What about, “If you think centipedes creep you out, wait until Grandma ____ gives you sexual advice.”

Edit: Wait…how old is the niece?

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Excellent answer, @Pied_Pfeffer. Don’t worry; she’s going for her Master’s now, and even though she’s smart, she was never “child prodigy smart”, so she’s in her mid 20s.

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Millipedes are way cool. We have giant Millipedes around here, sometimes 6 inches long. Once I squished one in the door jam, it was like squashing a mouse, horrible bloody mess. :-(

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I think viruses are creepier. Natural bioweapons of mass destruction.

HIV, Ebola, Marburg, Hanta, Hepatitis, Herpes, Influenza, Lassa, West Nile…

Pretty creepy.

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I want to amend my choice to say these little horrors. They can do this to your house. They are very common in parts of Australia and the damage they cause can cost you $1000s.

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@Bellatrix You have really weird vermin.

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Don’t you have termites over there? Evil things. Cost us over $4000 a couple of years ago (and we consider ourselves to have got away cheaply). My son came out one morning and said “Mum, I can hear a ‘munching’ sound during the night”. We have had a barrier put around the house (they drill down and pump in poison) but they have come back twice and cue the Jaws music… we found one in our bedroom yesterday. They are very determined and one of the downsides to the increased concern about being environmentally friendly is we can’t use the chemicals they did years ago, and the new stuff isn’t as effective. Crossing everything and hoping that it wasn’t really a termite.

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We have termites, but not like those.

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People on “bath salts.”

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^^ I would elaborate. People on bath salts who run around naked and eat other people’s faces. :D

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I had hoped to avoid the details…. :(

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Can you blame them? I mean look at the chubby cheeks of an infant, they’re just asking to be nibbled and gnawed. Add bath salts and voila!

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Don’t forget the garlic.

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Sir-Peeps-A-Lot across the street from my house.

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Either you, or your parents go confront him, and tell him to cut this crap out. I’m pretty sure that’s an offense he can get arrested for, if it needs go that far.

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^She’s got it down, it’s an invasion of privacy.

and it’s not me

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Oooooh, creeptastic. @Symbeline and I can beat his ass for ya…

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Centipedes and silverfish don’t bother me. Japanese giant hornets scare me the most, but I don’t live in Japan so I’ll go with wasps and hornets. I could never get over the fear of them, and my heart still races when they get in my house.

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@augustlan Your answer reminds me of a song….“Bot gets in your eyes…”!

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