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Why can't I post a picture on Facebook?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36037points) May 26th, 2012

I can’t believe this has never been asked.

Is there some Ancient Chinese Secret that I don’t know about? I upload my picture, but when I click “post” it just spins around and around. I went and vacuumed the living room and when I cam back it was still spinning.

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Has happened to me. It’s really irritating. I clicked a few more times and the picture re-posted again and again. Logout and see how things go after a few minutes.

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I’ve never seen it spin like that before, but I have noticed that if I’m posting the picture from my home page, it seems to take forever for it to appear in the news feed, but if (while it’s still doing it’s thing) I switch over to my wall by clicking on my avatar picture, it has already appeared there and if I switch back to my home page, it’s there too.

Try that first, then if no luck, check to make sure that your photo is actually in a jpg format. Also, you’ll probably want that jpg to be no bigger than 300 dpi, which is recommended for viewing on the web. If that doesn’t work, I’d contact FB.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is if my computer is doing it’s regular scan for viruses (and you hear the fan come on) it might take awhile for the picture to be “processed” if at all. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes or so for the scan to be completed. If I hear the fan, I’ll just wait it out before I try to post a picture.

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@Kardamom Actually, the PC only displays 72 DPI and the Mac 96, so any higher density than 96 just yields larger file size with no gain in visible resolution on the Web. I’m not sure what the pixel limit is for width/height. But if your image exceeds that, or is anything other than JPG, GIF or PNG format, it won’t load.

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It was JPG format. However, I went all around the Mulberry bush with our new Window’s 7 computer, halved the size, and it post fine.

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It’ll spin like that if the file’s too big. Irfanview is a free photo viewer/manipulator you can use to re-size the file.

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