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Is it possible to start a teaching a career at 35?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) May 27th, 2012

I’m a 30 year old male. I decided to go back to school a few years ago. I recently decided that I might like to be Biology teacher. By the time I’m done school I would most likely be 35 years old. Would anyone even a hire a 35 year old first time teacher?

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Yes they would. I can’t speak for where you are but where I live quality teachers are in short supply. Your attitude to and aptitude for teaching will determine whether you are successful or not. Frankly, I think you would bring with you valuable life experience to share with your students. Check with the authority who registers teachers in your area but I would be really surprised if your age was a negative at 35.

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Can I just add, we are desperate here for good male teachers. Again, I would be surprised if you have a glut of male teachers where you are. So go for it and follow your dream.

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Yes they would, and yes, why not? 35 is a fine age to start a teaching career. You might have “real life experience”, something under-rated IMO.

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Science and math teachers are in particularly short supply. Go for it.

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Of course! Why not? Are you in America? A lot of states let people start teaching with a bachelors degree and currently enrolled in getting a teaching certificate. I’m not sure if you already have a degree in something else?

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I certainly hope so because I am planning on starting my teaching career next year – at 47. The best teacher my oldest son ever had was 50-something and had only been teaching for five years. Go for it!

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I don’t see why not.
My partner became a teacher at 40. twenty years later she retired!

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My daughter in law did it.

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Go for it. Many military retirees go into teaching as a second career. The ones I’ve known were excellent teachers and they NEVER had behavior problem kids they couldn’t handle.

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