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Is there a term for this?

Asked by Trillian (21116points) May 27th, 2012

This kid has very distinctive eyelids. Here he is. Some of you may recognize him from the movie. His eyelids seem like they don’t go far enough across his eyes. Or something. I believe Kris Kristofferson has similar eyes. Is this just a trait, or a symptom of a condition?
I’d really like to know if there is a specific term for it.
Just curious.

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Isn’t that Asian eyelids with no flap?

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The photo in reference is of Billy Redden who played the part of the backwoods banjo player in the movie Deliverence. He has no mental or physical disabilities. The look was enhanced by make-up.

To answer the question though, I’m at a loss when you mention that Kris Kristofferson has similar eyes. Even in photos of him in his earlier days, they look nothing like Mr. Redden’s.

Might you be thinking of the term Mongoloid which is or was used as a slang term for a person who was born with a mental disability, and sometimes attributed to inbreeding? Or possibly a person with Down’s Syndrome?

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Fetal alchohol syndrome

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I think the term you may be looking for is epicanthal fold.

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Instead of Kris could you be thinking Kenny Rogers post surgery look?

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Instead of Kris could you be thinking Kenny Rogers post surgery look?

That’s the first thing I thought of too.

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No eyelashes

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No, I meant Kris Kristofferson. But I can’t find a good photo that illiustrates waht I’m talking about. Epicanthis is close, but the kid doesn’t look asian, his eyes just seem…unfinished. The closest thing I can come up with is that they doont seem to go all the way across; not cut far enough on the outside corners maybe.

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(The URL includes underscores)

Single versus double eyelid?

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@ratboy, those last tow are close, though clearly Asian. But the last one especially comes very close, almost as if the eyes themselves were further back inside the head. The young photo of Kris isn’t a good representation. If you watch the Blade movies, you could see some examples, his eyes are close to the inbred kid from the movie. I looked further and saw a few close images in down’s syndrome, but even those look more Asian than this kid. I know of a specific person close to where I live with the exact same eyelids, as if the slit isn’t quite long enough. Maybe he’s inbred too, who knows?
Thank you for taking the time.

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@Trillian This may not give you a word for it, but this Asian ocular plastic surgeon begins to describe what I think you are trying to identify. It seems it is the lack of a semi-lunar eyelid crease and the presence of a parallel eyelid crease (look at the photos of the models along with the doctor’s descriptions).

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@Kayak8 maybe that’s what it is; a single eyelid without the Asian cast to it. To me, it’s very distinctive and singular looking. I’ve only ever seen it in a few people. Thank you.

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Not sure if this will help:

Medical conditions
Medical conditions that cause the nasal bridge not to mature and project are associated with epicanthic folds. One of the characteristics of a substantial minority of people with Down Syndrome is prominent epicanthic folds.[6] In Zellweger syndrome, epicanthic folds are prominent.[7] Other examples are fetal alcohol syndrome, phenylketonuria, and Turner syndrome.[8]

(from Wikipedia)

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