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How do you talk to multiple women at once (details)?

Asked by Blackberry (31933points) May 27th, 2012

Let’s say you want to approach a woman that is in a group, or a group of women wave you over to them.

How do you talk to all of them? What if you want to try to make plans with one of them? How do you make it not awkward?

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If you’re only intersted in one of the girls, try to act politely towards the others, but look a little more at her and give her the most of your attention. If I was with my friends and this guy came over and he showed clearly that he was interested in me, although I was not alone, it would make me week in the knees. This could work very well.

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@digitalimpression The guy in the second link is all natural. I could never do that unless I had the confidence of a man that had billions of dollars and a huge wang. Lol.

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@Blackberry! Are you or are you not a military man? What are you doing going out without a wingman?

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I was out with some friends once, and a guy approached and just asked how have we been, and each of us assumed he knew one or some of the other girls. He later told me how intimidating it is when the females are all circled around and engrossed in their conversations. I hadn’t thought about it, and it struck me as funny, since most of us were single and looking, yet we didn’t allow for much opportunity for a guy to break the ice. So that’s why he developed the strategy of just barging in as if you know them.

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Oh lord, you’re going up against a bunch of women all at the same time, no way can you EVER talk to multiple women. Dude, ya gotta cut one from the herd first. lol

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@Coloma Mental note: Buy a lasso.

@CWOTUS It seems I’m successful by myself, unless I trust the other guy to not be an idiot, lol.

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Go up and show them you have them you have the balls to take them all on. You might get really lucky.

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What @tups said! This works. But I also like @hearkat‘s approach. Just be cool.

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Sit next to them and be handsome.

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@Blackberry True, but women are all mental so.. give it a shot anyway. There’s really not much to lose. If you get shot down, chalk it up to women being mental. If you don’t… well… good luck my friend.. because they are mental. ^ ^

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Talk to them all. Introduce yourself to them all. Be confident and keep them laughing. Doesn’t hurt to be a little self-deprecating, but not too much. Be crazy, but funny crazy, or harmless crazy, not worrisome crazy.

Get a phone number of the woman you want, and go.

It helps to have a story or two, or a line or some reason to give to be there. It can be totally bogus. Maybe you should pretend to be pornographer scouting talent.

Or you could be doing a survey on some contemporary Facebook dating issue. Like I said, completely bogus. Hell. Ask them if they ever heard about fluther, and then explain to them what you do there. That’s nuts and funny.

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You approach the group, make steady eye contact with the one you want to talk to, and you say in a loud firm voice;

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If you’ve made meaningful eye contact, work your way around the group and whisper in her ear, “Could I speak to you privately for a moment?” If she seems to agree, step away from the group so she follows you and ask for her phone number.

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@Trillian Lol! I remember that.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I’ll let you know if and/or when it works out :)

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@Blackberry I’m pulling for you, shipmate!

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