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What is the best DJ equipment for a beginner?

Asked by johnny (335points) May 27th, 2012

I really want to start making electronic music (dubstep, house music, etc.) but I have no idea where to start. I’d like to know any information you guys have as far as turntables, mixers, computer programs & software, or any other equipment needed. I’d also like to know of any websites you know of that would be of help to a beginner.

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Learn how to use Ableton Live, and learn how to play keyboard. That’s where I’d start, as using canned loops is lame and you really need musical ability to make good music.

All that aside, as far as software goes I’d use the previously mentioned Ableton Live, as it’s the best mid-range DAW that you can also use for DJing. It’s also a good DAW to learn how to start DJing, as the Session View in it is used by groups and artists like Justice, Deadmau5, and Madeon.

I really can’t stress enough how important learning a specific piece of software and keyboard is, though. You’re not going to make any good music just using canned samples unless you tweak the hell out of them ala Amon Tobin.

As far as sites go, I read r/edmproduction, but there are really good youtube tutorials out there for learning Ableton that I’d recommend.

Oh, and if you are unsure on Ableton, I wrote a monster post about other DAWs on here a while back.

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@DeanV thanks a lot. That really helps out a ton! Thank God I do have musical talent already, so that’s a good start. Really appreciate the help.

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