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What's the meaning to life?

Asked by kdmaddix (72points) May 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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of life?

Love is the meaning of life.

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You get to supply your own meaning. Cool, huh?

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how do you supply the meaning to your life then?

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The meaning of life is the biological imperative to reproduce. Since I have opted not to reproduce, I get to decide what the meaning of my life is to be.

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Apparently nothing very special anyway: try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

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Dive in. Forget yourself.

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Foolaholic beat me to it.

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Damn somebody beat me to it…sigh…42.

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Experience it, enjoy it, laugh, love, learn, share with others.

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The reason you’re on this planet, and the root of everything that essentially drives you, is to pass on your genes.

Just a little ant in a larger instinctual system.

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For all those who say it is to reproduce, I am not sure you are correct totally. We have consciousness and thus some freedom. Reproduction is one biological drive, but not necessarily our only meaning in living unless we are awfully pessimistic.

I say we may have gotten here biologically, but let’s take what we have and run with it.

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I hate this question, no offense, but it doesn’t really make sense, its almost asking for a one word answer

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Sorry stuff12, I don’t understand what you mean by that.

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What’s more interesting: The reason for it or the possibilities of it? I’m gonna go with the latter and not worry too much about how I got to this point, but rather on what I can do while I’m here.

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Life(n): the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

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She with the most toys wins! :-)

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The meaning of life is to be happy.
Every second disappointed is a second of life wasted.

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make money. i spend an awful lot of time working. the money buys food, skateboards, clothes, shelter, and all the other stuff i need or think i need.

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I choose, every day, to light that candle and try to brighten someone else’s path along the way. In doing so, I cannot help but brighten my own as well.

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read the Word of God the Holy Bible it’s all in there.

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The meaning TO life? To put some meaning IN life!

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The meaning of life is irrelevant, what you do in life is the only relevant thing

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The meaning of life:

It starts with the reality of our limitations. Humans, though creative, are utterly incapable of truly original thought. We swoon over the ideals of our endless imagination, but in-fact we can’t even imagine something we’ve never experienced in some way before.
As proof, I offer this exercise:
Pretend that somewhere out there, exists another prime color. Something completely different from any color or combination of colors yet known. Now try to imagine that color. Try to really see it…

We can’t…
And yet if I say “imagine red, or green, or blue,” there you have it in your mind’s eye.
We can’t even manifest, in our imaginations, something as simple and known as a different color. That’s a very important point.
The reason for that is because the human mind is only capable of 4 things.
-and then altering or recombining that data

Even the most grotesque/unrecognizable monster you could dream up, is really just pieces of other things you’ve experienced, altered and/or recombined to create.

Once that point is understood, the reality of our function is revealed. Without the feed of experience we are nothing but mass. If we can’t originate thought in the absence of experience, then we must be here TO experience. If it’s not “why” we’re here, but it’s all we’re fundamentally capable of, then the point is moot, and it still drives the meaning of our existence.

A purpose is then to experience all that you can while you’re here. The best good and the worst bad that you can handle, without going insane.

No matter how horrible or wonderful an experience is, no matter how brief or enduring, it is still an experience at its core. Each new experience is like a new color seen for the first time. It changes the geography of the brain, bringing new mind to bear on new matter, and allowing life to live with beauty in high aesthetics, and above all a deep response ability.
For that, it is life’s goal to experience every possibility. To hold it unanimously at its disposal and hope that somewhere in the vast matrix of all that data, there is an answer to what this is.

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