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Has Fluther ever gotten a troll?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) May 27th, 2012

I mean, a real, persistent troll.
Just curious

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Not to name names, but I am convinced that there is one currently active here (not in this thread at the moment). You would have to be fucking stupid to come up with his/her questions and be completely serious about them…

Just because he/she can spell doesn’t mean that they are not one.

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Gracious…yes! Some of them are hysterical. The latest seems to be Randy, the guy who needs a class in anger management due to his frustration over not being able to obtain an online view of a DVD shop in Canada. For awhile, there was Pink Panty Guy. Both kept reappearing every so often, and still may turn up again.

New members who are just downright trollish on one or two threads eventually get the boot and often do not return. On a rare occasion, they may get that Fluther is not like other Q&A sites, decide to stay and adhere to the guidelines.

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In my time here, I have seen quite a few come and go. The Mods will first have a PM chat with them. If that doesn’t work, they go for a time-out in the Penalty Box. If they return unredeemed, all of a sudden you will see SCREEN-NAME has left the building where there offensive post had been.

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There is always a resident troll in the house.

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I have never seen any of these supposed trolls. I think people are overly sensitive. Either that, or I’m the troll.

Woohoo! I’m a troll and they _loooooooove me!

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Can you say Randy.

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Explain to me what a troll is?

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We would never mention names around here..koffkoffrandykoffkoffkoff

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I think only nice people should answer this question. ~

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shit you son of a bitch, people troll so much nowadays. When I was younger, people would get me the top 40 songs from 2004–2008 with no problem.

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They see me trollin’
My wood bridge
I know they’re all thinking
I’m so Rude N’ pesky

Think I’m just too Rude N’ pesky
Think I’m just too Rude N’ pesky
Can’t you see I’m Rude N’ pesky
Look at me I’m Rude N’ pesky!
I wanna roll with-
The flutherers
But so far they all think
I’m too rude n’ pesky
Think I’m just too rude n’ pesky
Think I’m just too rude n’ pesky
I’m just too rude n’ pesky
Really, really rude n’ pesky

1st! on Youtube, that’d be me
Got skills, I’m a Champion of pissing off thee
You’re a gullible b*tch from my POV
Keep your 40
I’ll just have abortion tea
I think you’re a flaming fairy
You bores prefer missionary
I’ll bust y’all’s emo cherry
Considerate ain’t in my library
My Facebook page is all totally pimped out
I got b*tches begging for my dick in dark crevasses
Yo I ate Pie in a thousand places
Ain’t got no game but I wear troll faces
I serve all of your sandwiches with “mayonnaise”
I’m a whiz at whizzing I can whiz for days
Once you see my sweet moves you’re gonna stay amazed,
my fingers movin’ so fast I’ll set the place ablaze
There’s no cruel ol’ line I haven’t used
Best thing next to verbal abuse
Make little kids cry just for fun
If you can’t take the heat well ya betta run
“Number 5” is my favourite theme song
I can sure kick your ass in verbal ping pong
I’ll bring you frustration so bring it on
So what if your nerdy ass is fluent in Klingon?
Here’s the part I walk out on

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Oh, yes. Several are very persistent. Some are obvious trolls, right from the first moment, while others are more subtle, slowly revealing their troll-ways.

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@blueberry_kid Here is the wikipedia explanation. Basically someone looking to start a fight or who asks a question just to stir things up without any genuine intent for honest debate.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I’ve been on fluther for 2½ years and I’ve never seen a troll here. Some of these ex-users that others often bring up on here were not trolls. AB, Sodahead and Youtube are filled with them (trolls).

@JLeslie You’re the only one who actually answered the question, but didn’t get any lurve?! (I’ll give you some).

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Shit you son of a bitch, they haven’t gotten me yet. BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I only want the nice people to GA this comment.

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There is one locked up right now in his very own 0.25K mansionnette.

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What did he mean when he said, “I am not a troll.”? Oh, by the way, he said this after a hot and steamy night.

My friend at work, who use be a kind-hearted women said I shold sleep with a guy if I went to have a husband for material. But after stamy night most mens do not come back.

My friend from wok say she noticed a man steering at another girl, while the men’s wife was near at hand. What would make a man want to sit so near to her? This man wive is pragnent.

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I might have trolled accidentally then…

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@Kardamom, that is the funniest post I’ve seen in a long time. I had forgotten about her.

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I trolled the other day. The walleyes weren’t biting.

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I feel like I act like a troll. I do lots of crazy shit.

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Don’t you think black, atheist, republican, Christians who abort babies should be ass-raped by Asian pedophiles?

Wait… is that a “leading” question? I’m so sorry!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Knowing you, even if I could parse your question, I doubt if I could answer it in the manner in which you were hoping. I will say this. Ass-rapery, should it occur, ought to be voluntary. But even if someone would volunteer to me, I would not do it. I would prefer to serve an alternative sentence. In the glossolalia.

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@wundayatta Glossolalia, hey? Any other paraphilias?

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated
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[mod says] Please don’t name current members publicly. Thanks!
Do feel free to PM me if you suspect someone is a troll, though.

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Trolls? angryface

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I was NOT expecting so many answers.
You guys are all hilarious, by the way.

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We’re paid to be hilarious. You haven’t gotten your check yet?

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m a little behind on payroll.

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I guess…
I’m not funny….

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be part of this community; I QUIT

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Barnabas Collins seems to have found a troll

Go see Dark Shadows everybody, great movie starring Johnny Depp!

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@NostalgicChills Oh no you don’t! I tried leaving and it sucked. Don’t even think about it. And that’s final.

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No quitting allowed!

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They see me trollin’.

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@erichw1504 They tryin’ to catch me writin’ dirty

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Oh wait…. Johnny Depp? is that you?

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So like…an instigator?

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A troll? As in just one? Surely you jest.

Fluther has been temporary (VERY temporary) residence to many but unlike many other sites, regular participants here are wise enough not to feed them.

We just ignore and flag and quickly the mods give them the boot.

But some of them are good for laughs. Whatever happened to ” parachute material ” pants guy who loved talking about how good it felt , etc. I kinda miss him.


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