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What happens if you click the button that says "thank (insert name here)"?

Asked by tups (6722points) May 28th, 2012

What happens?

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Click it and see!

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Just did it.
And also, what happens when you follow someone? Please forgive me for my ignorance.

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If you follow someone when they ask a question it will go to your “Questions for You.” people tend to follow people they find interesting so they can see what they are writing.

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@JLeslie I see. Thank you!

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Sure. Welcome to fluther.

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Much easier, I think, to simply click and see what happens. One could even consider it a scientific experiment….

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@Trillian Lol. I just did it, am I now a scientist?

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No, but in reference to your other question, you have participated, in a limited fashion, in a scientific study. You asked a scientific question; “What would happen if…?”, then you proceeded to find out. If there were more than one possibility, you could have then expanded your study to account for variables, and performed additional tests while accounting for each variable. In the end you would have had a quantifiable, provable result. Then you could share your results for further testing and others could repeat your tests. After several tests, you could all conclude that if “a” happens when “b” is performed under “c” conditions “x” amount of times, we can be reasonably certain that the same result will happen every time.
Remember, one test does not a scientific study make.
You could then write it up as a paper and the world at large would have added to it’s fund of knowledge, and so it would remain until some new information came along to disprove that or to modify the original conclusion.
That’s why science rocks!

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@Trillian Thanks, I do know how science works to some degree.

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^^ yes, I was being a bit facetious and having some fun.

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Fun is nice.

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You feel all peculiar & suffer an attack of the giggles, much the same as a tickle button really.

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One thing that’s kind of weird about the “Thank” button is, if you don’t write anything, it just sends a blank PM to the member that says, “Regarding your answer”. So remember to write “Thanks” or whatever you want to say. Also, try thanking yourself. ;)

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