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Are there any Fluther protocols on profanity in posts?

Asked by bookish1 (13154points) May 28th, 2012

I’m new to the community and just wondering what the etiquette here is like. Thank you.

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Profanity is allowed—though, like all things, within reason. A post that contains nothing but profanity is likely to be removed for being low quality, and a post that uses profanity as a means of personally attacking another member or baiting them to flame you in response is likely to be removed for being a personal attack or flame-bait, but there is no prohibition on profanity per se.

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Thank you @savoirfaire :) I’m a member of various forums and boards and there are different levels of tolerance for profanity, so I just wanted to check.

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One of the moderators can speak to this with authority. But, generally, no profanity in general, and some in Social, never as an attack on another.

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@zenvelo Psst. @SavoirFaire is one of the moderators.

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@zenvelo I’m quite sure there is plenty of profanity in General. If there is less, it is only because many uses of profanity in General wind up being part of a post that is unhelpful, an attack, or flame-bait. I would agree, however, that members tend to tone it down in General as a matter of Fluther convention despite the lack of an official ban.

@Pied_Pfeffer I think that @zenvelo and I were writing at the same time and I just happened to hit the “Answer!” button first.

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@SavoirFaire Whoops! @zenvelo Please accept my sincere apology for making an assumption.

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No profanity in general? Dammit!

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I use it rather regularly.

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Abso-twatting-lutley there are, i’m just not sure what the fuck they are ;¬}

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@Pied_Pfeffer @SavoirFaire Other than Augie I’m not sure who the mods are. No apologies necessary by anyone! I appreciate the efforts to keep the site civil!

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If you’ve got to fucking use it, try to use a little God damned creativity.
Otherwise, you come off like an ignorant impotent squirrel dicked little douche.

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Profanity, while not (usually) encouraged, is not prohibited. It’s great if you can use it as creatively as @filmfann just did.

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@bookish1 Also, if a question might elicit answers that you wouldn’t want your boss to see you reading, or your children—in other words, if the Question details or potential aanswers might contain lewd or graphically sexual material, you should preface the question with the [NSFW] warning, the acronym meaning Not Safe for Work. Standards on the use of profanity in a post marked NSFW are quite relaxed. Only personal attacks or posts that are completely unhelpful rants risk moderation.

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Other than Augie I’m not sure who the mods are.

List of Fluther moderators

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Plus, I’m Auggie with two “g“s, damn it.

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@WillWorkforChocolate: What does the A stand for??? Or is it Ey, or Ei, or Eh, or Ay? I have wondered about this for a while :-p

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Ummm… Alacazam?

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I’ve seen curse words used alot on here. I would say just make sure you spell them correctly, and you should be alright.

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@Paradox25 Man, If somebody can’t even spell cuss words that’s sad.

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@ETpro Shyt Fuk Damit Sun of a bich You’re right.

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