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Americans: How do you observe Memorial Day?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) May 28th, 2012

Just wondering how any Americans here will be celebrating Memorial Day. I just read recently in Newsweek that there have been more deaths of American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan by suicide than by combat-related causes. It got me wondering what I can do to help change our culture with regards to returning veterans. Thank you.

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My son, as Senior Patrol Leader of his scout troop, is leading a flag presentation at a memorial day service at the local cemetery. He is also officiating at a US Flag Retirement ceremony at the same time.

I focus on remembering those who died in combat, and those who fought for us.

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We spend the day with family, and give many a hug and pool dunking to my dad, who is a Vietnam veteran. He received the Purple Heart for being shot in the head.

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I don’t.

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Just hanging out. Sometimes we bar b que.

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I barbecued and felt glad to be alive.. as so many fallen comrades could not.

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Today I have been contemplating the original Americans who lost their lives in the biggest holocaust in human history.

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Morning: local parade

Afternoon: cookout with family

Evening: Doing the laundry.

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I’m always working the weekend but I usually think of a few uncles and cousins who were killed during their service or were suicides in the years following their service.

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We don’t do anything for it, I just have a relaxing day off from school.

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My brother lives in the US, I received an e-mail from him this morning, this is one paragraph from that e-mail:

“It is quite a bright and cool sunday morning here. We are in Memorial weekend, a three day weekend commemorating fallen soldiers. The National radio station always has interesting programs on this day about some aspect of a war and peoples experiences in it so I may tune in a bit later.”

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