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Is there any disgusting looking thing that you love eating?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) May 28th, 2012

I went out to have happy hour and dinner with a friend which culminated with us consuming delicious mussels swimming in all sorts of flavorful sauces and fresh oysters on ice. At some point, I looked at all these seafood and for a brief moment, thought them disgusting…

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Baby Ruth candy bar. I don’t need to explain, do I?

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Seafood does look gross, but it’s so good.

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My onion soup!

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Mayo looks goopy and smells, yet I can’t seem to make a sandwich without it.

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Actually, if you break it down, everything looks disgusting!

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There is this stuff my mom used to make with ground beef and maybe cream of mushroom soup. I’m not sure what else was in it, but the end end result was a damn tasty plate of lumpy gray food.

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Anything with chocolate can look kinda gross… If you think a certain way. Do I need to say more?

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As you said in your example, I love mussels, but I can’t take too close a look at them while I’m eating them, otherwise I get too grossed out. I also ate a pickled baby octopus at a Chinese restaurant one time, and while it tasted pretty good, it wasn’t fried or anything so it just looked like a straight up octopus, which was kind of weird/gross while I was eating it.

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Cottage cheese?

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Snails, steamed mussels, and clams. My mother told me, “Don’t look at it. Just eat it.” I did and it was delicious.

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I absolutely love Indian food, but most of it looks like baby vomit, especially my favorite curry Palak Paneer. Thankfully it tastes and smells heavenly.

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self moderated

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Hot plate seared oysters in ginger & black bean sauce. They’re battered and lightly cooked first so they arrive tableside looking like crinkled “scroties” until the sauce glazes and the hot plate crisps up the breading.

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Live lightly seared otopus

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My fiancĂ© is an adventurous eater, so in the past few years, I’ve expanded my palate to include several of the dishes above. I can’t, however, bring myself to try the crispy pork intestines that he loves at a local Asian restaurant.

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@hearkat I love those crispy pork intestines. They’re sweet and chewy!

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What a bunch of wimps!

You know what looks disgusting? Maggots crawling in a dead cat! Anything that looks like turds in a portapotty.

This is not anything that looks remotely like food.

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Oysters on the half shell. They’re delicious, but I often wonder who’s the first human who opened and oyster shell and saw that snot-like blob laying there and thought, “Humm, I’m gonna eat that raw!”

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@ETpro A hungry one who didn’t have McD’s around the corner!

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@Dutchess_III They say hunger is the greatest appetizer.

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Army C-rations. The pork in the can was grossest looking. That was what they meant by eating lips and assholes.They did make a big turd though.

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wundayatta Are you trying to tell us you love eating maggots and turds??

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Wund is hard core.

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Oh I love the little crunch of fresh maggot between my teeth.

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@Kardamom Jesus christ woman!! I’d try that

Also, oysters and nautilus. Or whatever the latter called. These water snail things with little tentacles. They’re not that exceptionally great, but everytime I go out to eat at the Asian restaurant we have here, I always get some because I think they look so cool.

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@Symbeline Oh, you’d love it. And you’d probably also love Aloo Gobi which is a curry of potatoes and cauliflower in a tangy gravy.

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@Kardamom Yeah I’d definitely try that. Looks/sounds good. Not an expert on curry, but I liked it at times I tried it. Anyways, potatoes and tangy gravy, I’m up for that.

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@Symbeline And don’t forget, most Indian food has cardamom spice in it : )

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What’s the difference between palak paneer and saag paneer?

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@wundayatta from what I understand saag can have spinach and/or other greens such as mustard greens. Palak is a type of saag that specifically uses spinach. I think in the U.S., though, they are kind of used interchangeably.

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Interesting. I was under the impression that saag means spinach.

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The only food that grosses me out are fertilized chicken eggs. But I can’t bear to eat them.

I eat a lot of stuff that other people might find disgusting-looking.

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@Nimis Yes, fertilized chicken egg sounds pretty gross. You know what seems really gross to me? Based on decription of smell and taste and just the look of it I find 1000 year eggs to be pretty disgusting! I wonder if anyone here has tried one. The whole idea that it’s bacterial action that creates the flavor is psychologically off putting to me.

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…You like yogurt @Earthgirl? Cottage cheese?

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@Dutchess_III Yes, yes I do! But they are not green and smelly! Look at the picture and read the description of the taste!!!

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Well, it’s cultured bacteria that create them….I agree. The eggs look gross! (They’re tolerable to look at if you pretend you’re looking at avocados, though!) But I didn’t see where bacteria was involved in making them….?

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Century eggs taste great. I like them sliced and put in a hot steaming bowl of beef congee. They don’t smell in congee. All these century egg talk now makes me want to go to Chinatown. Lol.

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What do they taste like?

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Tastes like non-century salted egg but less salty really and more chewy and smoother texture on the crystallized yolk…the crystallization process adding to its visual appeal.

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“more less salty”?? :) It tastes like eggs? So why go through all trouble?

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Dutchess_III Here’s some details on those eggs. Judge for yourself.
“What are thousand-year-old eggs?
These Chinese eggs are not really 1,000 years old, but are somewhere between a month and several years old. The egg is not retained in its original state, but rather converted into an entirely different food, probably by bacterial action. They are exempt from inspection and grading by FSIS, but imported products may be subject to other USDA and FDA regulations. Several types of thousand-year-old Chinese eggs are Hulidan, Dsaudan, and Pidan.

“Hulidan” results when eggs are individually coated with a mixture of salt and wet clay or ashes for a month. This process darkens and partially solidifies the yolks, and gives the eggs a salty taste.

“Dsaudan” eggs are packed in cooked rice and salt for at least 6 months. During this time, the shell softens, the membranes thicken, and the egg contents coagulate. The flavor is wine-like.

“Pidan,” a great delicacy, is made by covering eggs with lime, salt, wood ashes, and a tea infusion for 5 months or more. The egg yolks become greenish gray and the albumen turns into a coffee-brown jelly. Pidan smell ammonia-like and taste like lime.”

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Wait…the original post said nothing about bacterial action. The word “bacteria” didn’t even appear in it. And your first paragraph above said, ”...probably by bacterial action.” So that was just someone’s random thought—they weren’t sure.

I agree, they look pretty awful, when you know what they are. But “bacterial action” by itself doesn’t always create gross stuff. Most of our milk products, like cheese, yogurt, blue cheese, etc. are converted by bacterial action.

From your list above, the Dsaudan eggs sound like they could be good…. :)

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@Dutchess_III Because more than a billion people couldn’t be wrong! : )

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Hmmm. Well, they COULD be! Where does one find those awful looking things?

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@Dutchess_III It’s true that it does say “probably”. When I wrote my first post I was going by my memory of having read that description. But it really doesn’t matter. It’s not the idea of bacteria in itself that bothers me and puts me off. I even take pills with probiotic bacteria. I have a powdered bacteria supplement with live cultures in my refrigerator. It’s the idea that it’s a living bacterial organism creating the slimy gelatinous mess and the green color and that smell!! Does ammonia sound like a yummy smell to you? Anyways, I’m not here to rant on about how no one should eat these disgusting things or to say that someone else’s delicacy is foul. To each his own, right? If you want to try eating eyeballs and brains and 1000 year eggs feel free. The question was about disgusting things that you do eat, so I guess I am off topic here. But it’s not all bad. We found out that mazingerz88 loves them! Hell, he’s even craving one of those eggs this very second!

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But they aren’t made by the action of living bacteria! That’s what I’m trying to say!

No, ammonia smell doesn’t sound good, but wine smell does!

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