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What was the life of a slave like in Mexico City in the late nineteenth century?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) May 28th, 2012

I’m extrapolating from the story of Siki which I found in this book

She was captured in 1870’s by the Mexican army, taken to Mexico City, sold as a slave to work on a hacienda. I am wondering what her life would have been like. Was she treated as a domestic, field hand, or concubine? Was she indoctrinated into Christianity? Did she learn Spanish? Where did she sleep? How many others like her were there in that place?

I’m not asking to know specifically about her (although that would be delightful!) but about people like her. And I’m not asking for idle speculation either, as speculating I have covered. But if anyone has a sliver of knowledge on the subject, I would be most appreciative.

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Here is a discussion of the politics and history of that era.

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Mexico abolished slavery long before Texas or other US Territories, so it would help if you could give sources that give greater details on how she was enslaved.

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@zenvelo I think you mean “outlawed,” not “abolished?”

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@6rant6 Nope, I meant abolished, the last slaves in Mexico were freed in 1829. That is why I am asking for sources. This seems to be a one off situation, similar to slave traffic in modern day U.S.

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@zenvelo Slavery is illegal in every country in the world. Yet there are more slaves in the world today that at any time in human history”. So, I don’t think that the declaration everyone is free is the same thing as the actuality. In particular, in the case of Mexico, I believe that there were many hacienda born “serfs” who worked their whole lives there, never paid.

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@6rant6- You are kind of nitpicking. Using that logic, no country has abolished slavery.

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@AstroChuck You read the part where there’s more slavery than ever? How’s that nitpicking?

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