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Will you miss me while I'm gone?

Asked by susanc (16134points) May 29th, 2008

I’ll be out of e-contact for five full days!! aieee!!

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5 days- is this some sort of punishment?

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Where are you off to? Feel free to answer privately.

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Good, I feel more secure now.

skf, I’m going to Long Island, to my tiny-elementary-school-class reunion, our first
ever. All 28 of us are going. I’ll be staying with my friend V’s ma, who is almost 100 and never made it into the electronic age.

Dog, it’s not punishment, but it does feel extremely unnatural.

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We’ll all miss you! Have a great reunion, and we’ll be here anxiously waiting for your return!

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Babo sad. Come back!!!

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Have a wonderful time. We will miss you.

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susanc!!!! :( Of course we will miss you.

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├ža va sans dire. I miss you already and you’re still here. Bring a good, long book to read at whatever Hub you get stuck at. Don’t be shocked at how much of LI has turned into one huge highway. Have fun, however.

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I barely know you sorry :( and I’ll be away from the PC from now as well to be honest. So I wouldn’t get to know you anymore anyways, maybe I’ll get to know who you are when we get back :P

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Of course I will miss you. Who will stir the sauce?

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Bon voyage!

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It might be an amazing time you’re going to have over there.:)

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we WILL miss you but have a great time!!!

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Susan, have a wonderful trip. Regale us with a “Want to know what it’s like to attend an elementary school reunion?” question when you return.

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I dont know you how can I miss you?

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are you back yet?

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Are you back yet?

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That IS a very good reason! Thanks!

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Hey little Babo, and my old friend loser, yes I am back and I had five good
days when I was supposed to be out of town but instead I had quietness.
It was really nice to be missed by you guys.

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Babo sweet.

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