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Do you use Facebook? Why or why not?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) May 29th, 2012

Do you use Facebook? If so, what primarily do you use it for?
If you aren’t on Facebook, what reasons do you have for abstaining? Do you ever regret not having one?

I used to have one but I jumped ship several years ago, due to friend and family drama. Also, I allowed it to be a huge distraction for me when I was writing papers >_> Finally, I am highly likely the only person on Earth with my name, and I did not like that all and sundry from my past could latch onto me on there.

The only reason I regret not having one now is that it is how people seem to plan all events. I’ve missed out on a lot of parties among my grad school cohort because they only invite people through facebook. Which strikes me as pretty rude.

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I use FB, mostly to stay connected to friends, many who are scattered all over the country.

I had a high school friend who went to school at an institute near where I did my undergrad, so he knew a lot of my Fraternity brothers. He was always in poor health but very much an engaged person,a successful photographer and director. When his liver began to fail in his 50s, Facebook became a way for his hundreds of friends and family to stay connected to him and to each other. FB became a wonderful tool.

I have a friend who has been battling breast cancer since last Labor day. Again, FB has become a way to offer support, keep in touch, and stay informed on her progress.

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Do not have an account but if I have a need to log in I can use my fake account which I use to post onto newspapers’ comments sections that require FB accounts.
I don’t have a real one because FB is the cesspool of narcissism and it is boring and the security processing changes too much to be not complicated.
If it weren’t for facebook, smartphone use would go down 69%.

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I have one to stay in contact with close friends I’ve met over the years. I don’t use any real information on the account as all my friends already know that stuff. Putting in details about yourself is not necessary for one, and dangerous for another.

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@digitalimpression: That’s a great idea, and one I had not thought of. I might do that.

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I’ve had one since October of 2004, joined as a freshmen in college back when you had to be a college student to join. Have seen it become progressively more and more like myspace once was. I still use it today, but mostly just as a messaging system to talk with friends and share pictures. I go out of my way to block people who post stupid sh*t continuously. If the timeline thing becomes a permanent feature, I very likely will stop using it all together.

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No. I don’t use it. There’s nothing there for me, and the only thing they do well—picture sharing—is too hard to control. Google + is far easier to handle. I know I’m relegating myself to dinosaurdom with this attitude, but I guess the world has finally passed me by.

Finally? Hah! I was already uncool just moments after birth!

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Nope. Prefer privacy to publicity.

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I have one, but I’m thinking of getting rid of it mainly because people get mad upset with what you post, and you can get upset of the amount of stupid things you see posted. (I really didn’t know how redneck my family was until I joined facebook) People can get upset with you for liking a status or for not liking a status… It’s a drama site. I’d stay away while you can. On the plus side you can share things with family and friends. Its really a matter of weather you want people to know things about you.

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I use Facebook a little, mostly to keep up with my grandchildren and people I know around the world. I also like to harass my State Representative when he gets too full of himself.

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This question was just asked a few days ago.

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@jca: Whoops. I did look for old posts on the topic of facebook, and only found threads begun in 2010 or 2011, but I might have missed something. Mods, feel free to delete this post if it is redundant.

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Most of the people that I know of who have Facebook accounts seem to be prone to drama, and/or are very extroverted. I know what Facebook is, and I’ve played around with it on my nephews and sisters accounts. I just have no use for it, and I’m really not into other people’s personal affairs. I only associate with a handful (literally) of people, so the typical phone call, text or email is good enough for me.

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@bookish1: No worries, just suggesting if you want more answers, you can check there and/or link this to that so it’s all one. I think the way the recent one was worded was “Do you have a Facebook? Do you like it? Why or why not?”

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The other question is here. It’s similar, but not the same.

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Yes I use Facebook, but for different reasons as to which it was made for.
I only joined Facebook last year because someone on here persuaded me to.
Now I use it to keep in touch with many jelly and ex jelly friends, and also to keep up to date with many bands and events I like.
I don’t use it to keep in touch with friends or family.

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I use it to communicate with people, to keep up with people I rarely see, to share pictures, etc. It’s also a great way to waste time when you’re bored.

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I have a Facebook account but I don’t post much. I’m never sure if I’m using Facebook or if Facebook is using me.

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I do use it and have three accounts there to keep friends, co workers and family members sorted. This way, no one is mad if I’m not their fb friend and I don’t have to worry about people being nosy, offended, left out or whatever.

It’s been GREAT to keep pace with ex coworker acquaintances as we have several times been able to act as references or even help each other land new jobs with connections. The family fb keeps me up to date on who’s getting married, having kids, family gatherings, memorials, etc. The friends fb is a happy spot to keep in touch with people I can only see in person a few times a year since I live away from them.

FB annoys me with it’s constantly changing profile formats but it’s better than missing out on some great pics shares and life celebrations. Yay privacy features!

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I do, but it annoys the hell out of me. I like it because I’ve moved schools quiet frequently (4 times) and it’s a way for me to connect up with all my friends.

But, it’s very pointless to be honest. I like it because it keeps me caught up, but I hate it because it’s annoying and drama-full.

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I have a FB page but it’s only to keep in contact with people I don’t really like talking to on the phone or in person. Then there are the few family and friends that keep me abreast on the latest happenings, like who just had a baby. I have a cousin and we upload pictures of each others latest tattoos. It’s also a great way to keep me in touch with the pagan community around the globe and learn about events. I actually like the idea of sharing parts of my life with some people I like without having to tolerate their presence. And if someone gets on my nerves I can delete their ass from my friends list. Can’t get any more perfect than that.

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I use it to keep in touch with friends, but not much else. I can’t seem to get interested in anything it else does, but keeping a means of contact with some people I do think is important, especially for those people where FB is the only means of doing so. I denno, did everyone forget about this thing called e-mail?

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I have a real FB page and a fakebook page (that’s my FB page in this name). One I use for work and is connected to my research. The other I use to annoy people like @W… oh I mean, to say hello to people from Fluther who might have left or are still about. I don’t really use it to share information about myself or my life though.

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I do, and use it to keep up with friends and relatives, and share pictures. I hide people who annoy me, and block people I don’t want to find me.

Oh, I’m also semi politically active on FB. I share news and info on issues that are important to me.

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I joined back in the college-only days to communicate with some classmates.

Now I use it mostly to filter what other people post about me second-hand. I hate what Facebook is about. But I appreciate their privacy settings.

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Nope, I used it briefly back in the day when you had to have an .edu email and such. Now there is too many old friends and family members I can correspond with via email or skype.

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Used to, but now I don’t. It was too easy for people to find me (I mean people who are definitely not my friends).

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