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Any suggestions for the best restaurants in SF that are on the cheaper side (lunch and dinner)

Asked by Carly (4555points) May 29th, 2012

I have a friend who is visiting the city for a few days, and unfortunately I’m not going to be there to show him around. He’s from Uruguay, but speaks fluent (or almost fluent) English. He’s also never been to California before.

I believe he wants to eat well, and diverse, while he’s there for a few days, but he’s on a bit of a tight budget, so restaurants, cafes, and sandwich shops on the cheaper side would be preferred.

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If he’s traversing the city and has a restaurant suggestion from a Jelly, he may have to cross the city and/or travel a lot to find the restaurant. My suggestion, which is for anywhere one travels, is to look at menus in windows, and for him to see what he feels like eating at the time. It wouldn’t be practical for him to spend lots of time and money crossing the city in order to find a place that’s supposedly good and to save a few bucks on food. Plus restaurants in a city like SF change so often, as they get evicted, owners change, etc., that what’s around probably changes so often and so quickly.

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This Site has a big long list of places in San Francisco where the average price for an entree is $12, and they say that you can get food for half of that price depending upon what you order. There’s lots of nifty ethnic places on this list as well as good old American food. Plenty of descriptions too, so you can take a look and see if they’re in your target area and make a potential list for your friend.

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One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the amazing restaurants. If you would like suggestions from a former resident who loves to eat both cheap and well, here are my greatest hits:

1. Best burrito in SF—El Farolito at 24th and Mission ($5)
2. Best indian food in California—Shalimar at Jones and O’Farrell ($10?)
3. Burmese food—Yamo, Mission and 18th (cheap, don’t remember specifics)
4. Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches)—Saigon Sandwich, Larkin and Turk ($3 or $4)

I hope your friend has a great time!

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@nikipedia thanks! Just what I was looking for. :)

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Pancho Villa on Valencia in the Mission District.

Great Eastern Seafood on Jackson St. in Chinatown

Pizza Orgasmica on Clay St. (Embarcadero)

Camelot Fish & Chips in Pacifica (10 min. drive South)

Ranch 99 Market cafe on Skyline Blvd going towards Daly City

*Slow Club on Mariposa St. This one’s pricier between $9.-$15. per entree but on par with choices you’d expect to pay more than $20. a plate for.

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Henry’s Hunan Restaurant on Sansome between Broadway and Vallejo.

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Pluto’s has fresh salads and sandwiches for reasonable prices.

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