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How to know if the Air Con works on a White Rogers Thermostat?

Asked by tan253 (2820points) May 29th, 2012

So we have a White Rogers Thermostat in our house model IF-80 361… how do I know (outside of turning it on) if the air con part of the thermostat has been connected?
The heating works – I have it turned on now but nothing is happening – I know this probably sounds like the most ridiculous question but should I be able to see a vent in the house or something that should show it should work?
The landlord’s first language isn’t English and can’t understand what I“m trying to convey!


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If you can’t just try turning it on, then you could pop off the control box from the base plate and look at the terminal screws where the wires from inside the wall are connected to the thermostat. If you see a yellow wire, that’s the connection to the cooling system and the AC should be wired in.

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oh amazing I“ll try that, I have turned it on but nothing is happening but I thought it should just work?
new house – so will check the way you just said – thank you

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@tan253 depending on the style of AC it can sometimes take several minutes for them to turn on. I know when I switch from heat to AC I have to give the heat pump a couple minutes to switch from heating to cooling.

And unless I open the window to listen for it, I can’t hear the AC unit outside working.

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