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Do you also sometimes have the feeling that was is happening to you at a certain moment has already happened before (deja vu) only to find out after a split second that you are wrong?

Asked by rebbel (31340points) May 29th, 2012

You see the cat jump on the kitchen counter, while at the same time you hear a Clapton song on tv.
(You know what is coming next; a glass will drop on the kitchen floor)
A glass falls on the kitchen floor.
(Again, you know what is going to happen; outside a truck driver honks his horn)
All you hear, no horn.
You thought you were experiencing a deja vu, but no, you weren’t.
Recognize this?
Am I alone in this?

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I don’t think anyone can actually predict future events. Most people experience deja vu and part of it involves an illusion that makes you think you know what happens next. :P It is incredibly fascinating and creepy too. I seem to experience it regularly, then not at all for a long period of time.

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Yes. That happens often. The feeling that something happens, that I have experienced before and it stops as suddenly as it began. Isn’t that really what they call deja vu? It’s so weird and I just want to tell people how crazy it is, but then it’s not really such a big deal.

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I often experience vu daje – the feeling that I’ve absolutely never been here before.
apologies to Mr. Carlin

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Sounds like a scene from Final Destination to these eyes…I mean, ears.

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My most common experience with déjà vu is: “I think I’ve been wrong in this way before.” It’s scary how often I’m right.

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One day, I was at school, and I had a test to take, I could’ve sworn I had already taken that test, exactly one hour ago.

I had gone from Gym class, to Science class. Big deja vu.

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I never think I know what is going to happen next when I experience deja vu. If I do, I’m definitely not conscious of it. But once it happens, then I knew it was going to. Once I start feeling it, I know what it is and I don’t know when it’ll end so I never thought that something that was supposed to happen didn’t and then it like, wasn’t deja vu anymore. Oh it is so weird and fascinating.

My longest deja vu has been probably about 30 – 45 seconds. I wonder what the average is?

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