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Getting Cyberduck to recognize Textmate?

Asked by lester (2points) May 29th, 2008

I’m a new OSX user trying to edit my websites, so I downloaded Cyberduck and then I bought Textmate to edit..can’t seem to get them to work together, any ideas?

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Lemme attempt to rephrase what I think you’re asking:

How do you configure the Cyberduck FTP client so that you can directly view text files in an editor of your choice, namely TextMate?

If that’s right, then the answer is found on Cyberduck’s online help, which states:

Set your preferred editor in Cyberduck → Preferences.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ve been to the page a few times in past few weeks. Problem is my Textmate isn’t selectable. It’s there but not fully colored. So do you have any other suggestions?

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Cybeduck’s Common Problems page says:

I can’t select any external editor.
Install one of the supported editors and launch it first. Also relaunch Cyberduck if the editor is still not selectable.

Then they say that, if you continue to have problems, to move on to this article.

Were you able to get that far already?

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I’ve opened Textmate first and I’ve relaunched Cyberduck 3 different times. I still can’t select Textmate under File-Edit with and when I pull up Cyberduck-Preferences Textmate is my selected Editor but it has no select buttons. I attempted to read the article, but it’s like the deep end of the pool for my computer knowledge. Any ideas?

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Try a different tack.

TextWrangler is a free text editor (and quite good). It’s also supported by Cyberduck.

1. uninstalling CyberDuck
2. download and install TextWrangler
3. launch TextWrangler
4. re-install Cyberduck
5. attempt to set Cyberduck’s editor pref to be TextWrangler

If that fails to work too, then we’ve at least eliminated TextMate as the problem (leaving the OS and Cyberduck as possible culprits).

If it does work, well, you’ve got a viable interim solution (although I know you prefer to use the s/w you paid for).

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