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Have you planned for the inevitable?

Asked by bewailknot (2899points) May 29th, 2012

This is a current subject for me since I was at a friend’s funeral earlier today.

Have you planned what you want done when you die? Prepaid for anything? Written your wishes if you have any?

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The only thing I have thought about is the songs I want played at my funeral. As if it matters! I have to say I haven’t done a damn thing to plan or prepare. But I don’t have any kids, so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I do want to get my writings in order so that it’s not just scraps of paper all stashed away randomly. plus destroy what I don’t want to survive

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I have had a will, a Durable Power of Attorney and an Advanced Health Care Directive drawn up but I haven’t prepaid anything. The person I have designated as the executor will have to pay for everything necessary out of my estate. I indicated my desire to be cremated in the will. I don’t have kids either. That would probably be simpler. If I were to drop dead tomorrow, I would leave one hell of of mess behind for the people I have designated and given authority to in those documents, so I have not really planned things as well as should.

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Not enough but my closest loved ones at least know what I want. My plan is to pre pay for a cremation and to have a list of people to contact, granted any of them are still alive at the time I pass on.

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A huge funeral pyre.

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Yes. I have a will which includes a living will. Pull the plug, take whatever body parts are reusable, burn the rest, and toss the ashes in a field or the woods.

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Nope, no plans, nothing yet. I really should do something at some point before long, just to have my bases covered.

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I have kids, so I have a will, life insurance, medical power of attorney and whatever else they tell us to have. I don’t give a shit what happens after I die. So that’s up to the people who actually care and want to have some ceremony to deal with their feelings of loss. I hope they have a party. I hope they all get together and tell stories about me and trash me and cry. But that’s up to them. Whatever they want to do that will help them heal best is what I want.

Most likely that will mean there will be nothing, since they probably won’t even notice I’m gone until long after my corpse has stopped smelling.

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This sucks for me because my entire family relies on me.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m not sure I understand your answer. Have you or have you not “planned for the inevitable?” If your entire family relies on you, then that is all the more reason to have your ducks in a row, at least in terms of the administrative stuff, regarding this. Not prepaying, just planning for it.

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@lillycoyote I have my ducks lined up. But everyone in my family relies on me for a lot. Sorry, just a dark minute.

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@Adirondackwannabe O.K. No one wants to think about that kind of thing, when people are counting on you. I depended on my dad for so many things, all sorts of things, some more tangible than others, and then he went and died!

He did everything he could to make that as easy on me as possible but he was still gone and I suspect it weighed heavily on his mind too; leaving me behind, how I was going to manage, whether I would be o.k. without him. I think he understood that I would be, but I’m sure he thought about. That’s what dads, what good men do, when they know that the people they love and feel responsible for rely on them; they worry about these things. :-)

Edit: And good women too! I didn’t mean or intend to be sexist there, or imply that these things don’t weigh heavily on the minds of mothers and women too. They certainly do.

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I need to prepare a will and spell out what I would like done after I die. My children in particular need to know because they will be needed to help with the arrangements.

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I have a will and a living will but other than than I don’t give a darn.

Just last week a funeral company sent me special discount coupons for cremation and a grave site. Such a deal!

I told my wife to cremate me and put my ashes around our Monkey Puzzle trees.

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I have a will and a power of attorney done as does my husband. It took us too long to get it done as the cost was high to have it done by a lawyer. I’m glad it’s done now as dying intestate creates giant problems for the spouse left behind.

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No. I don’t have a will yet, but my daughter is beneficiary on all my bank accounts and knows I want to be cremated and what to do with my pets if something happens suddenly, like dying in my hot tub one fine summer night. lol

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Living trust. Highly recommended if you have assets (like a house) and kids.

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Here’s hoping clean underwear is in order, not to be taken for granted if you happen to be knocked over & killed by a big truck for example.

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Couldn’t be bothered what they do when it happens. As long as no money is spent on it all which would be a tragic waste when it could be used for the living. They can dump me in a hole in the middle of nowhere, burn me or throw me in the sea. As long as the ones left behind are ok I don’t care what they do with the corpse.

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I used to look smart, good, and confident when I was 15. I have that photo of my own, black and white photo, though. I want that photo framed perfectly. So, after my death, others will love my photo same way they do everyday.

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Not legally. I have a meeting scheduled now.

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Depressing as it is at my age (20), I probably should have a living will in place given the state of my body. But I don’t. I’m not a superstitious person, but somehow it seems pessimistic to me to have something like that in place.

I want my body donated to science, but I don’t have that in writing. I think my family knows that though.

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I did all the paper work and prep 10 years ago but will redo my will, Health Care Directive and Durable P of A sometime soon. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, they’re all good enough.

I have a cemetery plot and plan to donate organs; when my daughter comes to visit in July, I will broach the idea of donating my body to a med. school. If she is OK with that, Bob’s your uncle.

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Nothing fancy, and to be honest I doubt that I’ll even care, even when my etheric copy is viewing my poor old shell. I hope that I don’t decide for whatever reason to stay behind and view my own funeral or viewing.

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