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Are you bad?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) May 30th, 2012

When I say bad, here, I mean “baaaaad” as in the kind of bad that can also be good. The bad that is maybe not socially approved, but also gets admiration from people because it has so much style or intensity. It can also be the hip kind of “baaad,” where “bad” is a compliment.

So? Just how bad are you?

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I’m so bad that when I yell windows crack, little children’s eardrums erupt and dogs drop over dead. But then I am also so bad that you would not only want me as your friend but your enemy as well. Seems like I’m the one that is socially inept, but if the world came to an end most of those who did not like me would want me to cover their backs!

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I’m not bad at all.

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I’m too square to be hip and too hip to be square. I have been friends with or dated “bad” people, but I don’t quite think I count.

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I’m just about anything but!

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I’m so bad, I wouldn’t care if the neighbors called the cops on me for playing my music too loud.

Well, yes I would. I’d apologize sincerely, and turn it down immediately, and I might even cry.

But, in teenager terms, I will say, I have swagg.

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Yeah. But I’m getting better the older I get.

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I’ll put it this way: I haven’t destroyed any star systems in this lifetime. However, I make no representation and take no overt responsibility at this time for things that may have happened prior to 1953 on this time line.

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Ohhhh, yes.

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Poodles are not skinny sheep & never have been, that would be so baaaaad :¬)

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Probably used to be. But then we grow up, and become civilized. Oh well…

I bet I could get it back pretty quick if I had to, though.

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Only on special occasions.

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When I am bad I am very very bad but when I am good I’m better!

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Not bad, but mysterious. Dangerously mysterious.
Most people who know me describe me as SBD.
Silent But Deadly.
Meaning I can get very bad if you mess with me, otherwise I’ll leave you alone.

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I make baaaad happy brownies. lol
I’m pretty bad when I am in assertive mode, look out, I have wry and sharp wit that is hard match. lol

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I’m baaaaadaaaaaass at making cookies. And sometimes… well I’m just plain bad.

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Nah. I’d like to be “bad assed”, but I think those days are behind me (no pun intended).

@MilkyWay That’s not what SBD meant when I was growing up – brings to mind a rather odoriferous situation.

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I think I’m so bad I could invent rock’n’roll again and make a song called “Bad#2”. But people always laugh if I say I’m bad. They apparently think I’m the opposite. :-(

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I’m bad, I’m bad, chimona!

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@syz Maybe it means something else in the States?

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@MilkyWay Did you REALLY just describe yourself as “SBD?” That’ is the official term for a very special kind of fart, you know!! :) :) :)

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@MilkyWay It refers to a completely silent but very…shall we say, “fragrant” release of flatulence. You may want to watch your usage of that from now on. ;)

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I’m very bad. So bad that I’m evil. :)

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What is the absolute opposite of “fragrent?” ;)

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Sometimes Chuck Norris calls me for tips on how to be more bad.

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I am here to kick arse and chew bubblegum, but I am a double amputee.

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I’m more bad ass.

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I’m no-no, notorious.

Actually, I’m a 16 year old looking for friends. Here’s my number: 212–867-5309. Pronounced eight-six-seven, five three oh-ni-yine. Text me up!

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Texting you right now, Jenny!

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In my younger days sure, but that is just about everyones story. These days my baddest episode might be dumping a 30 round bump-fire out at the range. Of course not before making sure all else is safe.

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Very tempted to text that number…

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Not really. Maybe I’m that kind of bad for people who get to know me, (I missed the point, didn’t I XD) but otherwise I blend in like a chameleon, and that’s just fine.

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I’m actually a wimp. But in my dreams I’m badder than John Wayne, James Dean and old King Kong!

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That is a term that no one would ever apply to me. I never even ditched school.

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I say “Hi, how are you doing?” to women.

They get all lip lickey and say “I know you are such a bad, bad boy”.

So I have to say yes, I guess.

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I wanted to be a badass so I could get the girls. Silly me!

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Be zen about it. They want to be bad, and will project it onto a man if you just enable them.

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I was probably never that type of baaaaad. I can get by being good and uncool perfectly well.

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I’m Satan’s personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean I’m a not a nice person—it’s just a job.

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I am only bat at spelling.

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I’m right with you @AshLeigh

I know I’m bad in a way that I might be Satan’s bullhorn. I have a sort of…very loud potty mouth…

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought How much were you paying them. :)

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@Dutchess_III Don’t be jealous darlin’. :)

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I’m bad when I can’t stop talking getting on people’s nerves.

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I don’t think I’m very bad.Everyone tends to tell me I am “soooo sweet!” Blaah. I want to be bad! In my heart of hearts I am very bad. Secretly bad, so no one knows! Absolutely incorrigibly bad!! I’m the bad girl with the heart of gold.

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Im bad like a backup dancer in the “Bad” Michael Jackson video.

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When I am good, it is just fine. When I’m bad, I am often even better. (With apologies to Mae West).

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I always wanted to be a bad boy, because I thought if I was bad, I would have more success with the girls. I was such a good boy, though. But I was bad for a small time in my life… no. Not true. I have my problems, but I’m not a bad person. I don’t even do many bad things. I guess one doesn’t actually have to be bad to have success with girls. But it does look easier, somehow.

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@wundayatta: I think the perception is, if you are a “bad boy,” you don’t care what you do to women, and that’s why it looks like “bad boys” have more “success” with girls.

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