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Looking for a phone that will work in US and Oz ...

Asked by Wilhelm (66points) May 29th, 2008

Living in the States (Chicago) and moving to Australia soon, but I need a new phone now. Any suggestions on something that’ll work in both?

I’d hate to shell out a few hundred clams only to find I have to get rid of it on eBay when I move.


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I don’t know about Australia specifically, but most of the world except US runs on GSM. I think the only US provider that does now is Cingular / AT&T.

Another phrase to look for is tri band or quad band. This refers to the frequency ranges the phone operates on. I think you’ll need at least a tri-band to work in America and another country.

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ebay= Samsung u740 you like to QWERTY ? SMS? also samsung hacks r easy free internet yada yada go samsung or if you like lg hurray 2 u aswell. iv been to oz several with my u740 also japan no problems, & im verizon prepaid haha. niffty:) oh cant for get the canadians nice people

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lg env 2 ebay = 350$
Samsung u740 ebay = 100$ your choice:) also i believe both or GSM the most emportant is the Band 800ghz -1900ghz

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T-Mobile is also GSM.

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You need to get a GSM cell phone (Sprint is a no-go) + a prepaid SIM card for Australia.

Unlocked GSM cell phone + SIM card w/o contract

Cell phone Service and Coverage in Australia


More on using a cell in Oz

Bon voyage mate!

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