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HP computer with very long wait for USB?

Asked by RocketGuy (11074points) May 30th, 2012

I have an HP desktop computer where I plug in USB mouse and keyboard. Whenever I start it up, it takes a full minute to reboot the USB card (it makes the USB disconnect sound) then needs another minute to re-recognize the mouse and KB (makes USB connect sound). Is there some setting to speed this up? The configuration never changes so why would it act like I am unplugging then plugging in the mouse and keyboard each time?

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What operating system are you using dude?

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What are your system specs? What OS? What generation of USB device?

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Do you have the latest drivers,

update now!

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USB card?!

Please tell me you mean built-in ports that are integrated into the motherboard! Otherwise, there it’s your problem right there!

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@jerv – it’s your favorite: HP. I was mistaken, they are USB 2.0 integrated onto the MoBO, not separate card. AMD Phenom II 930 processor, 8 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 4350 graphics card, Win Vista, HP site shows no driver updates available.

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Windows vista, that’s your problem.

hmmm, not sure what could be making the usb keyboard and mouse slow, I’ve only seen that on crappy computers with barely any rescources, or all the resources being used. The only thing I can think of is it running vista, even on a good machine, or the actual usb devices are old/faulty.

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