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Should I put M&M's in the goody bags for my daughter's 5th birthday party guests?

Asked by jca (36054points) May 30th, 2012

My daughter’s 5th birthday party is coming up. For the goody bags, which are actually not bags, they’re pail/shovels, they’re getting coloring activity books and 48 crayons (all three things – pail/shovel, coloring book and crayons are from dollar store, $1 each, so we’re up to $3 each goody bag so far).

I figured I needed something to hold the crayons and coloring book, so instead of a gift bag, I’d just put it in the pail and the pail/shovel is like another gift, and it also becomes the “bag.”

I also have two large bags of M&M’s, which I was planning to divvy up into smaller celophane bags with maybe a ribbon and tag on each, and throwing that into the goody bag (goody pail). However, I know a lot of parents don’t want their kids eating chocolate and candy.

I’m not going to the store to buy any other kind of food for the candy, so please don’t tell me to put pretzels or something else in instead. At this point, it’s only a matter of whether or not to put in the M&M’s.

The party is tomorrow so that’s why I’m not able to substitute anything else for the M&M’s.

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Most parents must know that there is a strong likelihood of candy, either at the actual party or in the goody bags. I wouldn’t worry about it. Put them in if you want to. :)

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Do it. There aren’t all that many parents who deny their children all goodies. And those parents who are serious about it know how to do it without blaming you. If they don’t want their kids exposed, they don’t let them go to birthday parties.

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Agree with both above. Also, its not like a little bag of M&Ms is going to kill a kid. If you’re that strict, I feel sorry for the kids :P

But if you decide not to, please send them to me! :P

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It would only be a problem if one of the kids has a peanut or chocolate allergy. Some of the parents might not like the fact that the M&Ms are not in the original packaging, but that is their problem not yours.

Put the M&Ms in the pails.

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I say do it! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party with goodie bags that didn’t contain some sort of candy. As long as it’s not an excessive amount, I see no problem with it! And you’ve provided a fun and wholesome activity to go along with it, so it’s really balanced out. If a parent would rather their child didn’t eat the candy, that’s their responsibility, not yours. What’s the harm?

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YES, give those kids some M&Ms.

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i would not get the peanut kind, due to food allergies.
But put them on in there and have a great party!

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^ My thoughts as well.

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Any leftovers ? ? ? Just saying . . .

Love M & M !

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I hate candy. Except M&Ms. Which I love. Load up the goody bags. If the parents object, they can take out the M&Ms, and then they will eat them themselves, as we all know. Find something else to worry about.

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Update from the Update Lady: I put a scoop of M&M’s in each bag, and I also went to the supermarket at lunch (I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to put any other candy in there) and got Charms Blow Pops and each bag got two of those. Bags were tied with a pink ribbon and on the bag I put a pink circle (cut with my scalloped 3” circle paper punch) that said “I hope you had fun at my party! Love, ____. The blow pops and the colorful M&M’s looked very festive in the bags. They went into the pails with the shovels, the coloring books and the 48 crayons. Very colorful. Last year we did pails too (I figure if I’m going to spend a dollar at the dollar store on a gift bag, I may as well use a pail and have it be something permanent and useful) and one of the parents told me today that they still use that pail all the time.

The Update Lady

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Cool! Hope your little one had fun at her party. :)

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