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If I get a tattoo of a mushroom will people think I partake of the magic mushroom?

Asked by tinyfaery (41375points) May 30th, 2012 from iPhone

I recently lost my cat Mushroom to an illness. He was my baby boy and I loved him so much. I have decided to get a tattoo to memorialize him and I thought I’d get a tattoo of a mushroom on a very visible part of my body. My wife immediately said that people are going to think I’m a ‘shroom head.

What do you think?

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Not if you put whiskers. ears and a tail on the mushroom. (seriously)

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depends on the shroom that get’s tattooed. Maybe people will think you enjoy playing Mario, who knows? I think it would be best if you had the Mushroom with RIP (2000–2012 for example) either above or below it.

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Yes, especially if it’s purple and green. You might be able to do a Mario mushroom, and people will think you like Mario…

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You could get a sitting cat that looks like a mushroom.

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Get one of a fungal cat. Or a cat outline filled with cartoony mushroom patterns.
Or get a tattoo of a moldy tiger, for a fungal jungle cat.

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That is the great thing about tattoos…who knows what the personal meaning is behind the choice unless they ask. I’ve never seen what a drug-related mushroom looks like, so this would never cross my mind.

My only recommendation is, that if you have any doubts, either hold off, or have it placed in a location that is less conspicuous.

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Or you could get a picture of a cat sitting on the cap of a mushroom.

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Some curious folks might think it has to do with hallucinogens while other curious folks might think it doesn’t. It’d be a crap shoot! Either way, you will have plenty of opportunities to explain its meaning, thereby settling their curiosity and maintaining your reputation! It’s your memorial to your friend; follow your heart, no one else’s! But, keep in mind, once it’s done…it’s done!

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Well, if I just saw it on someone, that’s probably what I’d think. I would not recognize a “Mario” mushroom, but a shroom seems like a statement to me.

It would be mostly a shrug for me, but it could attract some unwanted attention if it’s in a visible spot.

I’m sorry for your loss.

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Who cares what they think!

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I would think you like mushrooms. A lot.

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That’s what I’d probably think if I saw it but you know what it stands for and that’s what matters. I do like what suuny2 said though. It’s a good idea.

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I don’t think I would immediately think of Peyote or magic mushrooms. My mind kind of went to fairyland.
If you put a “tinyfaery” sitting on the mushroom I think that might quell the drug related thoughts.

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The cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland is often depicted on a mushroom—might give you an idea for a different way to spin the meaning of the mushroom. I googled mushroom tattoo images and there are some interesting ways to do a mushroom (that don’t immediately make one think of magic mushrooms). Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat . . .

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It would make me think so, and I strongly suspect it would for other people who have used shrooms or who are fairly familiar with druggie culture. A quick google of mushroom tattoo images left me with the impression that the individuals pictured got the tattoos for that reason, or for a Mario tribute. People who are not as familiar with drug symbols might not make the association with shrooms, but some folks definitely would. A faery or a Wonderland scene would not make a difference to me, as both of those things are also associated with tripping.

Sorry for your loss.

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Fuck em. If they jump to that conclusion do you really care what they think? That’s for really small minded people to think.
And yeah, sorry you lost the little kitty.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m taken aback by your remark. It’s just an association; people can’t help but make mental associations constantly, about all sorts of things. Now, I can understand saying fuck ‘em if they judge tiny based on their presumption that she is an admirer of psilocybin. But making the connection is not small-minded; it is simply a part of the process of knowing the world as you perceive it.

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@wildpotato Okay I’ll think over your comments for a minute.

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@wildpotato Nope. Standing by my original thought. I don’t judge others by appearance. If they do it’s their loss.

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@tinyfaery I just googled images with the terms “cat” and “mushroom” for a few examples. This, this, and this do not immediately make me think of tripping. This does but only because the cat’s eyes are dilated, I think.

I also googled “mushroom drawing” to try to find a non-druggie picture of a mushroom alone, but every one of them makes me think of boomers or Mario. So I think the folks above are correct that adding another element, if done in certain ways, would defuse the suspicion.

@Adirondackwannabe Maybe you missed the point of my post, which was that there is a difference between associating and making a judgment based on an association. I am glad we agree that judging others based on their appearance is wrong.

Edit – this just occurred to me – or maybe you think I am drawing a distinction that doesn’t exist between knowing a thing and forming an opinion about it? Perhaps you believe that our prejudices are all wrapped up in our perceptions? Now that’s an interesting question!

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@wildpotato GA I see what you mean. I like that. Let me chew on that for a few.
Edit You should ask that question. I’d like to see the answers to that.

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I wouldn’t think magic mushrooms right away, especially if it was a cute mushroom, but it doesn’t surprise me that some people might. I’m not keen on assuming a lot about someone by a first impression like how they are dressed, look, etc. The only reason I might start thinking magic mushrooms is if while talking to you you gave me the impression you might do drugs. I might start connecting things up as pieces to a puzzle.

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Thanks all. My friend is sketching a mushroom with a cat face on it. The way it’s looking makes me think that my mushroom won’t be associated with drug use. I have done mushrooms, but it’s been awhile.

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I agree with your wife. There will always be people who think it is a druggy symbol, no matter how much care you take to try to head that off. Own it. Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke. The tattoo is yours and you should not pay any attention to what others may or may not think about it. This is no different from any other tattoo you wear. They are yours and it’s up to you if you want to talk about them to people or not, but what other people think is not your business any more than it is their business why you put the tattoo on in the first place.

People will think, of course. You can’t control that. But if you wear tattoos, then you probably don’t care what people think. This is no time to start caring. Unless, of course, it is. And if you do care, they you will probably stop adding more ink to your skin, because there will always be people who really despise those who wear tattoos. I’m sure you’ve felt their stares. Or you would feel them if you hadn’t learned how to ignore them.

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I wouldn’t care. Just do it.

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