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Can we come up with a better name for a Bloody Mary made with V8?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) May 31st, 2012

Seems it’s just called a Bloody Mary V8, or V8 Bloody Mary. How boring is that? Even Bloody V8 is tame, but at least sounds like an English mechanic cursing a cranky engine.

There are already some imaginative bar names for tomato-based drinks. The Bloody Mary is one. The Virgin Mary a second. And then of course there is the Molested Mary. That’s when you drink the vodka straight then take the tomato juice and mess with it a bit.

So in that spirit, what’s a good name for V8 and Vodka, or say V8 Splash and Vodka?

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Universal donor?

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Carrot and Stick

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VJ squared (vodka and vegetable juice)

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Holy Tomato. Kind of fits in with the Virgin Mary religious theme.. maybe.
SalV8tion. Also kind of religious, and incorporates the name V8.

@wundayatta wouldn’t that be V(squared)J? ;)

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Raw sewage.
I take that back, I’m sorry. That was an undeserved insult to raw sewage.

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V8 – like the engine…
Of a big vehicle…
It inspires people to make poor decisions…
It’s red…
It can only be Canyonero

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@Allie Of course. But that just doesn’t have the same kick, baby. Sorry.

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I Shoulda Had a Vodka

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Bloody Vegan
Blo-Vee-Ate or BloV8 (in recognition of ubiquitous political rhetoric)

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Bloody Bathory

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V-12. If you ever heard that in the IMSA Jag’s you’ll never forget it.

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Mortally wounded Mary.

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Henry the V8th? ...Meh, I’m not feeling inspired, a V8 Bloody Mary sounds revolting.

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Vegan Mary
Vegetables for the Day Mary
Garden Variety Mary

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How about a V8der. Like Darth Vader. Lycopene of the Sith. I don’t know. Vodka and tom8to juice??

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Oh man, I really shouldn’t answer this because I happen to like something very strange. V8 Juice mixed with beer and then all the regular suspects – celery salt, pepper, tobasco, worchestshire, etc. And in a salted glass, please, with a stalk of celery! Where I live now, we just call this “Bloody Beer”.

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I’ve been laughing so long and hard I’m out of time to individually thanks all of you. Great answers, all.

If we arrange an injector pump to force a mix of the Vodka, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco and the spices into the V8 and a blower to mix in air to froth it up good, we’d have a Blown and Injected V8. You know the old line, Injection is fine, but I’d rather be blown. Well why settle for just one? With a Roots blower, you can have both. So we put the air in with a Roots blower. And we just pump in the alcohol and spices mix with a fuel injector designed for injecting methanol into a top fuel funny car.

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I’d call it dog puke.

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@woodcutter I’d say enough of it will make you puke like a dog. It’s one of my favorite drinks, though.

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@etpro, I think I’d like to sample the Blown and Injected V8. Sounds pretty yummy to me! <rummaging for the V8>

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@laurenkem So let it be written, so let it be done. One Blown and Injected V8 cumming coming up.

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@ETpro ” Injection is fine, but I’d rather be blown” I’m not a motor-head and never heard this line. I actually LOL’d. Thanks

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@Ron_C I heard that joke so long ago I figured it would be new to most folks today. :-)

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