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Are you planing to watch the transit of Venus across the surface of the sun on June 5?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) May 31st, 2012

Or June 6. What equipment are you using ? What safety precautions will you take? Are your school-aged kids getting advice and encouragement about this at school?

Does it trump fiddling with an iPhone? Are you still thrilled at this type of opportunity?

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We attempt to watch all of these events.

The last event was on May 20th. The weather almost completely ruined our eclipse viewing. We saw a bit of it, but not the whole eclipse :(

If the weather agrees on the 5th from 5:04pm to sunset, then we’ll be out with our viewing glasses on to watch the Venus transit!

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Yes, I will probably be streaming it online on Google plus. Go to for more information and click on Star Parties. Or follow Cosmoquestx on twitter. Or circle Cosmoquest on Google Plus (best).

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Absolutely. Here is your guide regardless of where you are in the world. (Thank you, Stevan van Roode and Francois Mignard!)

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Oh, and in terms of my equipment, I will be using my telescope with a Baader solar filter, my DSLR, and my computer for streaming.

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Yep, won’t get another opportunity in this lifetime.

Dad and I are probably going to travel somewhere not too distant (we don’t have a good western horizon in our yard), set up his telescope with a filter to make it safe to view the sun, and have at it! :)

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Okay, I didn’t know anything about this. Tell me more. Do I need to have a telescope? Should I get one of those solar eclipse viewers? What can I expect to see?

Just remembered – I will be in Disney World on that day. I wonder if they will have any viewing sites set up. Also, my granddaughter’s 4th birthday is June 5. I wonder if I could get her some kind of commemorative picture of it, or something.

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@Skaggfacemutt: Google “Transit of Venus…your location.” Check out the Disney site also. Does the park close at 6:00?.

Use the link that @cazzie listed, four answers above yours.

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Just got the word. We will for sure be broadcasting the Venus transit online. I’m not sure what time we’re going to get started—probably around 3:00 Pacific time.

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Since I lack suitable safe equipment to view it directly, I will try to view it online or on TV.

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Here is a site that enables you to find the local times of the transit.

A live feed will be embedded in the NASA page here

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We did a test hangout on google plus yesterday. Our broadcast will start around 2 pm pacific time and last as long as the weather holds out.

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