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Is this person right or wrong?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) May 31st, 2012 from iPhone

Someone said that this girl has dark/pure hazel eyes because in dim/regular lighting this girl was deep brown eyes but in sunlight/bright lighting her eyes look like this.

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Look like brown eyes to me.

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Based on the one picture, brown.

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Her eyes are brown not hazel. These are hazel eyes. I should know. I have them.

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If her eyes looked like that in dim light, they might look hazel in bright light. But given that is bright light, I don’t think you can argue they are hazel.

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Definitely looks like brown to me.

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Brown. The person is wrong.

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Brown. I cannot look at hazel eyes (especially on men) without having an intense physical reaction to them (leftover from the ex). So if I see brown, I can identify the color without freaking out, lol. If they’re hazel, I’m gonna run for the hills. yeah, I have issues

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They look brown to me, do they not look brown to you?

Are you just trying to figure out the difference between brown and hazel?

This is an example of hazel eyes. They can have tinges of light brown, or gold or green or gray in them, and they tend to change color during different lighting situations or even with the addition of different colors of clothing being worn by the person.

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