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How much should I charge for a screencast?

Asked by MarcoDemarco (221points) May 31st, 2012

I am starting to do screencasts for several startups but I’m not sure what my rates should be. I feel that it depends on the complexity of the project as well as the length of the videos, but I should have a minimum rate, no?

Any screencasters and freelancers out there willing to provide me with advice?

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Are you doing accounts? Such as where users can upgrade to a “Pro Account” or the “Basic Account” to manage their own Screencastings or are you doing the Screencasting yourself?

I found on this site that it shows an example of an account based site where people can sign up for a free basic acocunt, or a “Pro” account for $99.95 a year ($9.95 a month).

But if you were to do it on your own I would range anywhere that you feel comfortable with. I really don’t know much about screencasting so I can’t give you a set price at where you should begin at but I looked on Google and it seems that alot of sites offer a free screencast that probally is not “professional.”

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The link you provided is for storing screencasts. They give you a certain amount of storage for the screencasts you create.

In my case, I’ll be working as a freelancer and I’ll be creating the screencasts (I received positive feedback on the ones I’ve already created). Considering all that it takes to create a clear, specific, and professional screencast, I’d like to get an idea of what I should charge.

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