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Has anyone tried any herbal suppliments that counteract anxiety?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) May 29th, 2008

I have some seriously bad anxiety that occurs when I start a relationship and/or have some idle thinking time. I’ve been going to a psychologist for a year now and have tried Valium (which works like a charm, but oh so addicting), Wellbutrin (which turned me into an insomniac), and now Klonapin (on an as needed basis). I want to find an herbal suppliment that works for anxiety. I read about Valerian root extract…any luck?

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If you have a serious anxiety disorder, herbal supplements probably will not be sufficient.

Chamomile tea is calming for mild anxiety situations. There are others: Kava Kava, Valerian and more. Self-medicating probably is not the best idea though.

If you are serious about trying herbals for your problem, you might want to see a naturopath or a credentialed herbalist.

Herbs are medications too.

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I saw a nutritionist for several years and he had me take Kava – a few drops in water. Then the FDA and NIH discovered that there were some potentially dangerous side effects; liver damage among them. So I stopped.

As our expert, Niki, says, do your homework.

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rescue remedy…..
it works wonders. U can find the drops in GNC and health food stores

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I had a serious case of anxiety for almost a year in 1997. Valerian root worked for me and chamomile tea was very calming at night. The real issue is psychological, though. I hope you’re also staying away from caffeine (even chocolate), which seems to set it off. Anything that speeds you up is worth staying away from, until you sort things out within yourself and get this conquered. Good luck.

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I have clients who have told me that Theanine saved them. However, always consult your physician prior to taking any new supplement.

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Thanks everyone for your answers, I’m already seeing a psychologist for the emotional aspect of things, but I thought I’d try an herbal suppliment instead of my prescription klonapin (which is horrible for the liver) :-D

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Look into the supplement Theanine

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