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Can you please remind me as to how it is again to fall or be in love?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25884points) June 1st, 2012

I just can’t remember how it feels like authentically. Or is this just it, wondering, sighing, wondering? : (

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I can tell you that I’m more in love with my SO than ever. How can I tell? For one, my eyes well up when I look at him and think about getting married soon very soon ;). I think love has healing elements in its energy, and it’s just a beautiful thing. Don’t give up on finding someone you truly connect with, who enriches your life and makes you want to be better.

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Stand on the edge of a cliff on a brisk morning as the sun is coming up, and you can see and hear the waves crashing bellow and the sun coming up in the horizon. You feel the excitement of the danger and wonder of the beauty that surrounds you all at once and it makes you feel so alive.
That is what love is like. You can fall to your death but every moment your alive is worth the risk.

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Are you obsessing? Does your world revolve around her? Does your every plan include her?

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The experience is depicted in hundreds of thousands of books and poems and movies and plays and songs. I’d say pick one that’s to your taste and go ahead and wade in.

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To me, falling in love feels like awe. Being loved feels like home.

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Love doesn’t just happen. It is an action you must choose to do.

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See @Jeruba I it may be the most documented human phenomenon in history. Go to any art museum, library, or concert etc.

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Expensive, but worth every penny.

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Initially, love is a biological attraction. Our body’s purpose is reproduction. Instincts, genetically derived and shaped by the culture of our environment, lead us to want to be emotionally and sexually connected to another. However, this attraction is but a seed of love. Given that we respect ourselves and others, this seed will take root and blossom into agape. Sadly, such respect seldom arises early in our lives, and the opiate of passion too frequently leads to sexual pursuits to mask our sense of worthlessness.

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It can’t be described in words.
It can only be described in feelings.

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