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What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know?

Asked by ohmyword (608points) June 1st, 2012

Getting to know the Fluthers :)

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I’m the Community Manager here at Fluther, and I’m a redhead.

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Here is more than one.
I am pro choice, pro legal recognition of gay union, opposed to the death penalty and uncomortable with US militarism, yet I am included in the conservative bashing on Fluther.
That says as much about the Fluthers as it does about me I think.

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two things about me as related TJAM

I consider @josie just another jelly as I don’t care about supposed “conservative bashing” on Fluther.

Whenever I see @josie here in the lagoon, I always think, ”...and the Pussycats”.

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That I have little patience for silly personal questions.

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I love to have fun and laugh. Don’t take me all that seriously unless your asking for help. Then I’m 100 percent serious.

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That I just realised that I don’t like pretentious usernames.

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I tend to be very serious. Except when I’m not.

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It’s always rainy season in my panties…

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I participated in a donut eating contest.

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A monkey ran up and stole my mango once. Bastard.

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You don’t want to know!

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Lol…..Sorry about my first answer. I was drunk and thought it would be funny.

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Hmmmmm…I’m a survivor.

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I like zombies. Horror fan. That’s about it.

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I’m a very moody, passionate, emotional woman.

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Unstable personality (“Mildly” dissociative), nihilistic atheist, atheistic nihilist, yadda yadda yadda

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I remember you from long ago.

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I am uniquely me

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