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You know the signs on restaurant doors? No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service? what if someone goes in with No Pants? Would the restaurant still have to serve them?

Asked by JasonH (107points) May 29th, 2008


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Are they wearing any underwear? LOL!

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Ladies do it all the time. Remember “dresses”.

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<mac316> very true

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How about the old sign that said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

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Donald Duck gets away with it.

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very true

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Try it & let us know.

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most defently will

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Aargh. What is the sound of me strangling myself?

JasonH; check out this question:Definitely

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Zaku is amused! :-)

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JasonH joined yesterday and has 22 points? Does that tell us something?

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I don’t think he is another strain of the dreaded “z” virus.

To answer your question… I doubt most restaurants would allow you to eat in pantless, although a beachside bar might be content with a speedo.

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What amuses me (besides Gail’s comments) is how this question and the absence of a requirement for pants, created the idea of someone going in undies or less.

When in practice, there are also restaurants which specify that (though some of them do it by writing “no shorts” which leaves room for the same kind of imagination), and as mac316 pointed out to little avail, there are other garments for the middle regions besides pants.

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What if I wear a shirt and shoes but instead of pants I wear a kilt, the true Scottish way (you know, commando)?

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Depends on what attitudes you also bring with your clothes, and what attitudes they have. Some places just want to create a particular atmosphere where people will be comfortable, with harmony in mind rather than exclusion. Others are more about exclusion, and we get to choose whether we want to play or not, and what we make any conflicts mean.

It could be fun to try experimenting with various costumes and attitudes in various places, just to see and experience what happens.

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Ive gone in 711 without pants before to test this theory. Mine still allowed me to purchase food, but they were staring at me the whole time. I guess you would draw attention walking around in spiderman boxers though, especially if you still have your shoes on lol.

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I’ve been to a bar in a speedo for a bet. It took some negotiating to get in, but I think the ladies liked it. They were staring at me and giggling all night =p

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Eambos, what makes you think they weren’t laughing at you rather than with you? lol jk.

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@chuck: I have one of these. It takes some confidence to pull it off, but yes, I have done what you suggested.

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Not unless they have a written policy.
Or they get all legal on you.

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it worked. went in with a shirt shoes and tight boxers ;) no problems a few stares but thats it. thanks all for the great answers and comments.

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You’re my Hero!!!!

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@jason; and you have learned what from this that will make life less nasty, brutish and shorts?

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