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Should I get my wisdom teeth removed?

Asked by Matt007 (10points) June 2nd, 2012

In the photo link below you can see what appears to be a wisdom teeth. I feel really uncomfortable although it doesn’t hurt a lot as people say it will. Should I get it removed?

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You need to ask your dentist if you need them removed or if your jaw has room for them. I don’t think anyone on fluther is quite qualified to evaluate from a picture,

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I can’t view your image

Have you had braces? If so then emerging wisdom teeth might push them out of line. That’s what happened when I put off having my own wisdom teeth removed and not only did I waste the money spent on years of braces, I absolutely hate my crooked teeth I’ve been stuck with.

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Sometimes they cause inflamation, sometimes not. When they do, it can be sudden. It’s up to the dentist. I had only two (some people don’t have all of them) and one flared up and hurt, and the dentist told me you may as well take out the other one so you don’t have to worry about it. The inflamed one, he had to cut a piece of the gum, which didn’t hurt, really. I am glad I don’t have to worry about them any longer, but each person is different, each case is different.

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My personal opinion is: only if they’re causing pain or discomfort. I don’t see the need for everyone to get their wisdom teeth removed just ‘cause. I agree with @Neizvestnaya though, definitely consider getting them removed if you’re going to get braces.

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The general answer to your question is: You shouldn’t be relying on medical / dental advice from random strangers on the Internet.

We sort of specialize in “does she like me?” questions. Ask one of those!

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I am not a doctor/dentist and don’‘t even play one on TV, nor have I looked in your mouth so don’t listen to me.

I had mine removed in my early 20’s when I started getting headaches for no reason. I have not had a bit of trouble since and it’s so much easier to brush and floss my teeth. I glad I did it.
Do it now while you have good health care and are covered under your parent’s policy.

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I am 67 and still have mine. I wouldn’t get them removed unless there was a compelling reason. Don’t take an aspirin today because you might get a headache tomorrow.

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I had braces and I have all 4 wisdom teeth and the wisdom teeth never caused any problems so I would be hesitant to suggest that everyone who has had braces should automatically have them removed.

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We are all different but in general removal of the wisdom teeth is the best thing for most people. For some reason(s) I had plenty of room for all 4 of my wisdom teeth to function properly. I still have all 4 of them at age 61 and in fact 2 of my wisdom teeth have crowns.

A dentist will be able to determine if extraction of your wisdom teeth is your best option.

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< is a dentist- the only way to tell is with an x-ray, so the roots can be seen. If they are fully extruded and not causing problems, they could stay in. If they are coming in rotated or sideways and there is not room, they need to come out. That picture really isn’t clear enough go have an x-ray they’ll be able to tell you right away. Good luck!

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I’m in my early 30’s and I had mine removed when I was in high school. Take a look at this.

The best way to tell is to go to your dentist and have him take an x ray.

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As @trailsillustrated says, only a professional can assess the risk of problems your wisdom teeth might cause you. All teeth hurt when coming in, the issue is whether your jaw has adequate space, and the teeth are angled properly so that they won’t cause problems with the rest of your teeth. That can only be determined by X-Ray.

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