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In what colors would you prefer your Ironman suit to be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) June 2nd, 2012

Those scenes where Tony Stark designs and constructs his own armor were quite exciting to watch because maybe they make us feel good fantasizing being able to make choices to self-empower.

Pretend for a moment that you are Tony Stark or Tonee Stark…what would your armor’s color be and what sort of other interesting even odd features would you add to it to satisfy your every desire for heroic empowerment-?

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It would be orange, with flames painted on it, and it would have retractable wings to enable flight. My superhero name would be The Phoenix.

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It would just be all black, but the shiny black. Sleek and dangerous. Like a boss.

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I like the red. It doesn’t need any improvements.

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I would have a jet black suit with the added ability to level buildings with a deadly barrage of missiles. I think leveling buildings would be a necessity.

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Black with a blue sheen.

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I’d go for the Stark Knight look.

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It needs to be a badass combination of black, purple, and green.

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Charcoal Grey, powder finish.
Reflective black piping.
Ice Blue flames on the legs and arms.
Cobolt Blue repulsor lights and boot jets.

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@cprevite That’s just War Machine , but maybe you knew that.
I would just stay with what works.

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Purple with golden “ghost” flames.

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@filmfann: This is true. No big machine guns ir rockets on the shoulders though. Much sleeker.

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A dark flat grey with flat black trim and dull red eyes

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It should have a sweet spray painted picture on it, of a hot chick riding a polar bear and fighting a dragon.

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I’ll ask Jarvis to paint mine black and orange. : )

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@Brian1946 Now that…was cool. : )

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