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How do I look at all my photos I've taken with instagram, on the computer?

Asked by deni (23100points) June 2nd, 2012

I just don’t get it. Seems like there should just be an arrow to go to the next photo, or a page where you can see thumbnails of all the photos you’ve taken and uploaded….am I missing something really obvious?

I only upload instagram photos to facebook once in a while, and those are the only ones I’m able to get to via my facebook wall. But I want to see them all, and larger than I can on just my phone. Sooooo!?????

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I used this before deleting instagram.

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I save them to photos on my iphone and then when I connect my phone to my computer I save them onto it. Or there is an app call wifiphoto or some such and with that you can wifi photos from phone to computer.

My answers seem to be different from @johnpowell, perhaps I misunderstood what you are trying to do???

hearkat's avatar – it’ll also give you interesting stats and let you send messages to other IGers.
I’m Hearkat over there, if anyone wants to follow.

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@hearkat Took your suggestion and it seemed to work. I still just don’t understand why you can’t view them all on instagram, seems really silly.

Thanks yall!

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@deni – you can view them all on instagram by going to your profile, and scrolling through as you woul with anybody’s feed. You can’t run instagram on a regular computer, though.

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