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How do you get super glue off your hands?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) May 29th, 2008

I don’t have any nail polish remover or gasoline. What else

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whatever ou do, dont touch feathers or sand. also dont put them together, though it would be funny for someone else to watch.

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It wears off.

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Thanks Marina. That’s what I was hoping.

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From Answer bag:

Generally, the first thing we usually do is to cover the affected area with Vaseline or lotion, wait for a few minutes, and then wipe away the residue. Invariably, there’s less glue stuck to skin. Then, either soak the affected area in hot water (as hot as you can stand without burning your already-irritated skin. Give the water time to warm up first, BTW) or let hot water run over the area. Then, soap it up and rinse. Most of the glue will come off with that and the rest, you can wipe off.

Sometimes Goo-Gone and the orange stuff works well, depending on the chemical properties of the super glue you’re using.

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Aside from feeling a little funny, it’s harmless. Harpers sometimes paint their fingertips with it to form artificial callouses. And it does, as Marina says, slough off eventually.

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Super/Krazy Glue is water based so a little soap and a lot of warm water should do the trick. I would soak my hands it it for a bit then scrub like hell. It should wear off in time, anyway.

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AstroChuck & Marina are right it will wear off in time.

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also you can try WD40

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acetone might work.

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@buster It does; she said she didn’t have any.

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i guess i skipped that part. duh!

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Do people still think I’m a chick?

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@simon54 I beg your pardon. I fell into the name trap. I can see that you could be simon e, but I keep reading it as simone. spendywatson has the opposite problem. Several people assumed spendy was a he, but she is a she.

Also, I am really bad at sexing jellyfish from photos. :)

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That’s okay, I just didn’t think it possible that people thought I was girl from my SN. I guess it makes sense though. I’ll have to change it or something. Simone is my last name.

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What’s an SN? Simone is a lovely last name, but it is also a lovely first name for a female.

How about M_Simone?

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@gailcalled SN Screen Name.

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Wow. I have a whole new language to learn. So much for my online lessons in Arabic and Farsi.

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Acetone based nail polish remover.

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@cooks; reread original question. He has no nail polish remover. Check out the dialog between Buster and Marina also.

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I didn’t feel like waiting. I used my Mach III to scrape it off. Worked well.

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@simone54 That was one of the recommended ways, Mark. Most people chicken out because of the losing skin with it part. Hey, lurve the ocean blue background on you jelly!

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