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U.S. Citizens: How did you spend your economic stimulus check?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) May 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Since we felt it necessary to borrow more billions from China in order to bribe us for votes under the guise of “economic stimulus” what did you, or will you, spend it on?

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Straight to my credit card.

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My $300 economic stimulus check went into my savings account. Next month it will be used towards either a new laptop or it will just be in my savings account since i like having a 4-digit savings account (sad i know)

I just wanted to add that this money isnt exactly borrowed from China. While its true, that China owns a lot of bonds on the US treasury, at the same time the US provides a major part of the investments to China and we are also their biggest foreign market.

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I didn’t get one because I’m a mexican immigrant hiding in San Diego but the one I stole from the guy in the street went towards a game of Poker.

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My Husband & I put our’s in the bank to put towards more taxes.

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Still waiting.

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Stuffed all of it into the IRA

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Used to offset the ghastly increased prices of the recession.

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we bought tickets to vegas to visit my parents I haven’t see since our wedding

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When I get it, it will go to a new dSLR camera since I began already this year the big transition, making my passion (fine arts photography) an income & happyness generating venture.

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Also still waiting.

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Hahahahaha! That’s a funny one. You mean that check that disappeared into the black hole of household bills? “Snark”! That wasn’t even a drop in the bucket. We didn’t even notice it.

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I replaced my dead PowerBook with a new MacBook.

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In the bank to eventually pay for my next unnamed Chinese-manufactured 3G smartphone (hint hint)...kind of feels like taking out a loan to pay the interest on said loan.

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Saved $400 and spent $200… (still have a couple bucks in the pocket)

I buy all kinds of gifts for my BFF’s all the time… they got extra gifts!

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I haven’t gotten it yet, but when I do some of it will be spent in New Zealand, and the rest will wait for Greece. Because thats just what G.W. doesn’t want me to do with it!

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new fridge

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When I finally get it, it goes in savings. I’m working overtime to pay the bills I don’t carry any long term debt, but I have to work my a** off to keep it that way. No I don’t own a boat or a camper. I don’t have a fancy home ; I’m not an enviromentalist so I can’t afford a mansion. I just believe in paying my bills. My vacation, if I can afford the gas, will be to go visit my relatives. I think I’m an average American who is getting screwed and not even getting a kiss for it. No more oil men for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stimulus? Stimulus? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

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