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How do you deal with mood swings?

Asked by tups (6722points) June 3rd, 2012

I often experience mood swings. Sometimes they can happen just in a day. At one point in the day I will feel really excited, motivated or happy and at another point in the day I will feel down, bored or tired.
Other times it happens in periods. These past few days I’ve been feeling sad and the tears came easy. I could probably come up with many reasons why I’m sad, but there’s not really anything big and at another point I could easily feel happy under these circumstances.

Am I just bad at controlling my feelings? How do you control your feelings and is it even possible? If you experience similar things, what do you do about it?

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You need a bud to take care of you. That makes a huge difference. I never knew how much until I found one.

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Keep to myself and avoid people!

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It doesn’t sound like a huge deal right now, but if the mood swings grow and you go from soaring on top of the world, with mega-ideas and lots of energy, to craziness where you spend money you don’t have and start feeling a paranoid, to the depths of despair and you want to kill yourself, then you might be developing bipolar disorder.

It’s worrisome that your moods are not related to reality. That can mean something chemical is going wrong in your brain. Be careful about trying to make reality fit your moods. That’s what I did when my brain chemistry made me feel things unrelated to reality. I started making up all kinds of stories, like I was somehow able to feel the pain of a friend 3000 miles away when he found out he had less than a week to live.

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I don’t think that one can control their feelings, or even try. While you might want to keep your feelings to yourself, sometimes other people are unable or unwilling to deal with another’s emotions, your feelings are communicating something about your body and/or mind. Since you have not shared anything about your age, gender or situation, it is difficult to know what is responsible for your emotional lability. You recognize that there is no obvious explanation, therefore you need some expert help to identify what is going on. First step would be to consult your general practitioner/family doctor. This doctor may be able to identify a physiological reason for the lability, or may refer you to a psychologist and/or psychiatrist after ruling out physical illness.

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You can’t control your feelings. If you are in the habit of trying, you may have stored up a reservoir of unfelt things in your body. You would need to experience those feelings and move through them before you can get on a more even keel.

Try going with your feelings. If you feel sad now just sit with it and feel the sadness. See what it’s about. Perhaps it is left over from when your grandmother or someone else close to you died. Just acknowledge that you are feeling sad as you go about your life. I promise that if you acknowledge the feeling and let yourself experience it, it will lessen and then go away.

Keep track of your moods. Make a face (happy, sad, angry) on a calendar. Just whatever you are feeling let it flow through you. I think that you will find that your moods even out once you experience them especially if you can tie them to something that happened in your life.

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I think sometimes when you are a bit down (rather than depressed) you can jolly yourself out of it by keeping busy doing things you enjoy sometimes and at other times you can’t. If I feel a bit sad, I might spend time with people I love or at other times, I might just let myself feel sad. I think it depends on whether I can pinpoint why I might be feeling how I feel. Say, around the anniversary of the death of a loved one, or after I have been sick, I might feel a bit emotionally fragile.

If you feel very down, let people you care about know. If you want to be alone with your thoughts, tell them that. If you need company, explain you need company. People aren’t mind readers and it is in your own best interest to communicate how you want people to respond to you.

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@Adirondackwannabe You need a bud to take care of you.

I read that, and wasn’t sure if you were saying a bud, like a friend, or you were recommending he get high.

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Things you may try to alleviate the uneasiness.

Relax. Slow down your breathing. Try pranayam; sit up right and cross legged while doing the pranayam.
Take some sleep if you need.

People in ancient India used to control their mind (and emotions) doing yoga. The meaning of the word, as you may read it, is quite different from what it means now in English – a kind of exercise. We have former meaning here in India and we pronounce it like yog.

Most easy is chanting name of God. But this takes some time and it depends on your beliefs too. But why not give it a try? least it doesn’t incur you any loss!

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