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Ever have these migration trouble?

Asked by iwamoto (5261points) May 29th, 2008

i have an ibook G4, transferd the data over to a macbook pro, all went well, when i try to enter the account, it won’t take the old password, i tried resetting it with the other account, and with the master password, no avail

i could try the boot disk tomorrow, but maybe i’m missing something, anyone?

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that sounds weird. I’d say, call apple. If you just migrated, your MacBook pro should be covered. Call 1 (800) MYA-PPLE….

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ah, i fix them for a living ;) and i already thought of 3 ways around it but they take time, but i was ruling out if i overlooked something

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Stumped, I’m afraid. I’d try the boot disk, a repair permissions on the HD, etc…

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yeah, heading over to work on my free day, but hey, that permission trick might actualy work! if not, nuke the disk, reinstall and import the account, if that won’t work, just copy all the data seperately on a new account, we’ll get there, don’t worry

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okay, found something interesting, my admin acount is listed as “admin, managed” even on the original machine, pretty wierd, did the permission repair, found some errors in the “parent control” console, so it’s a pretty safe guess i can’t login because of a bug there, when i take a look at the account itself, it shows the “manage this account box” checked, so when i try to uncheck the box, it says i can’t manage admin accounts, so…nothing changes, maybe i should just transfer the data to a new account…but i don’t want to admit defeat

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Seems very odd… is there any command-line foo that you can do to bless the account back to full admin priveleges?

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was already thinking about that one, funny thing s, checked my old machine, turns out the samble thing is on there, my guess? 10.5.3, or maybe too many tinkering with the library, well, i did a repair on the old one, rebooted it right now, gonna enter as root, let’s see what we can do, maybe i just have to do it all seperate (so make a new account, and throw it all over seperately)

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