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Want to play the "which class would you take" game?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) June 3rd, 2012

You pose a choice for the person coming after you. It is in the form of a type of class with a historical or fictional figure or a different subject with a different person. You answer by selecting which class and saying why. Then you pose a choice for the next person.


Algebra with Severus Snape or African-American History with George Bush 2?

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Algebra. I find Snape amusing, and chances are I know more than he does about math.

Sex Ed with Dr. Ruth or American Government with Glenn Beck?

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Sex Ed with Dr. Ruth, lol. Glenn Beck would probably drive me to suicide.

Classic Literature with Ozzy Osborne or Muggle Studies with Dolores Umbridge?

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Literature. because harry potter is crap.
Comparative Religion with God, or Biology with Kent Hovind?

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Comparative Religion with God (the class I am taking now, by the way)
Boys PE with Pope Benedict or GRE Prep with Larry the Cable Guy?

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PE, so I could assassinate the pope. I also have no idea what gre prep is.
Music with Justin Beaver or Physics with Abu Hāmed Mohammad ibn Mohammad al-Ghazzālī?

wundayatta's avatar

Music with Justin Beaver (just to see if he looks like Justin Bieber)

Comedy with Tina Fey or Neuroscience with Oliver Sacks?

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Easy choice for Bri- comedy with Tina, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the TA. :-)

Women’s Studies with Perfessor Al Bundy, or Religious studies taught by Dr. Bill Maher?

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Women’s Studies with Al Bundy. I have a feeling it would be entertaining.

Home Ec with Ghengis Khan or Accounting with Gandalf?

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Home ec.
Handicrafts with Wernher von Braun or German Literature with Adolf Hitler?

wundayatta's avatar

That would be the creepiest German Literature class ever! I wonder if he would teach Gunter Grass?

Cheese making with Peewee Herman or mushroom growing with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Growing shrooms with Conan The Terminator, that’s fer sure.

Pillow Study Class, or Sleeping Bag Craftsmanship?

ZEPHYRA's avatar

Pillow Study Class as I would be in my element!
Business Strategies with Bill Gates or Face-pulling and mime classes with Mr.Bean?

Berserker's avatar

Yo, Bean alla way man!

Magic classes with Mister Doh, or Voddoo Casting 101 with some guy who worked on Are you Afraid if the Dark?

ratboy's avatar

Magic classes with Mister Doh; I’ve always admired self-made men.

Multivariate Calculus with Jenna Jameson or Extreme Urban Sexcapades with Salman Khan?

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Calc w/ Jenna. Who’s Salman Khan??

“How to grow an organic garden” with Michelle Obama or “Constitutional Law” with Michelle Obama?

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Gymnastics class (advanced) with Stephen Hawking or Vaginal piercing with Stevie Wonder.

ragingloli's avatar

Gymnastics. At least I will learn the physics of gymnastics in depth.
Health and Safety with the Terminator, or Manners with Gordon Ramsay?

MilkyWay's avatar

Manners with Gordon Ramsey. I’ll teach him some.
Science with Jamie Oliver, or Politics with Obama?

ragingloli's avatar

Politics. Jamie knows nothing about science.

Driving Lessons with Michael Schumacher, or the Alphabet with Sarah Palin?

wallabies's avatar

Ooh tough call… Driving.

LGBT rights with Rush Limbaugh or Atheism with the Pope?

ragingloli's avatar

Atheism. The pope is more open minded than Rush, as crazy as it sounds.
Medicine with Mengele, or American Cars with Jeremy Clarkson?

MilkyWay's avatar

American cars with Jeremy. The guy’s a legend.
Business Studies with The Queen or Textiles with Gok Wan?

Aesthetic_Mess's avatar

Textiles with Gok Wan because he seems like a cool guy and I like his products.

Band with John Williams or Orchestra with Hans Zimmer

MilkyWay's avatar

Orchestra with Hans Zimmer :D
Singing with Kelly Clarkson or English Literature with Jane Austen?

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Singing with Kelly

How to last on the throne for 60 years with the Queen or How to throw a street party by the British public (can you tell I’ve got myself into this Jubilee spirit?!)

ragingloli's avatar

The street party. (i have seen a rule34 picture of the queen, high quality and a lot of talent behind it, too, recently, and it left me in tatters.)
Family values with Josef Fritzl or domestic policy with Anders Breivik?

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Anders and domestic policy.
Inappropriate behaviour with Kanye West or P.E with Roger Federer?

ragingloli's avatar

Inappropriate behaviour. I can teach him a thing or two.
Exotic food tasting with Richard Hammond or map reading with James May?

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LOL! Oooh this is a toughie. I’ll go with James May. I’ll attempt to teach him how to map read.
I certainly don’t want to go drinking snake blood vodka and eating snale meat with Richard.
Alcoholic Beverages with Tiger Woods or Film and Media with Clint Eastwood?

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Film and Media. I do not drink.
Conversational techniques with Gregory House or Sales tactics with Richard Roma?

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Sales Tactics.
Gunmanship with Hitler or Archery with Attila the Hun?

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Archery. Hitler was a lowly private in ww1. Attila was an elite warrior.

Human Rights with George W. Bush or Survival Skills with Neelix?

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Survival Skills with Neelix…

Diagnostic Medicine with Dr. Gregory House or Electrical Engineering with Thomas Edison?

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Diagnostic medicine. Edison was a hack and a thief who only ever did things by trial and error. The actual electrical engineer was Nikola Tesla.

Computer Science with Konrad Zuse or Aerodynamics with Karl Jatho?

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Karl please. I hate the study of computers.
Being German with @ragingloli or being British with @MilkyWay ?

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Being British with @MilkyWay. I only know how to say dirty things in German.

Dog Training with Michael Vick or Cooking with Jeffrey Dahmer?

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Cooking. I hate dogs.
Expressing emotions with Jamie Hyneman or Thought Crime legislation with Jesus?

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Expressing emotions because I actually need to learn to do that.

Speech with Robert Deniro or Fashion Trends with Tim Gunn.

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but Hynemand never shows any emotions
Speech. Fashion is useless.
Aircraft design with Pavel Sukhoi or Aircraft Design with Artem Mikoyan?

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Pavel. I find him a more interesting person.
Conservative Policies with David Cameron or Liberal Democrat Policies with Nick Clegg?

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