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Do you know any good ideas or recipes for ground turkey?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) June 3rd, 2012

I can almost never afford turkey but it was on sale, 93/7 (lean). I have never cooked ground turkey before so I’m looking for easy ideas that are not burgers (just had them) or chili (just seems too hot to eat chili).

I’m making dinner for my family (all adults). I don’t much like chinese or japanese or any south asian cuisine but otherwise everyone is pretty open.

Any ideas for side dishes are good too.

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I love turkey meatballs with spaghetti, but you’ll have to look up a recipe. Can’t say the same for tacos though.

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We use ground turkey just about anywhere we would use ground beef. One of my favorite dishes is just a meat and potatoes type of dish.

We brown the turkey and in a separate pan, start frying (in a separate pan) some bacon (diced up), onions (also diced up), and potatoes (also diced). Once the turkey is done, it’s added to the pan of potatoes while the potatoes finish cooking. We add salt, pepper, and garlic to taste while cooking.

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Stovetop bake
Deep pot with lid on low heat for an hour.
1 can of cream of mushroom soup mix for the 1st layer
Ground turkey 2nd layer
2 chopped onions 3rd layer
2 grated carrots 4th layer
2 cups of rice
1 head of garlic pushed into the middle of the rice, covered as much as possible.
4 cups of water.

After an hour, remove from the heat and let stand about 10 minutes.
Remove the lid, replace with a plate and then turn the whole upside down onto the plate. Slowly pull the pot up away from the mixture on the plate and serve.

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I used to make turkey meatloaf, with brown rice and saltine crackers as a binder, and a beaten egg, etc.

Turkey tacos are good, just substitute the turkey for the hamburger. Or, you could make stuffed bell peppers with ground turkey.

@serenade, I call turkey meatballs “fowl balls”.

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Another vote for turkey tacos. With the spices and sauce, it’s practically indistinguishable from ground beef in tacos.

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Another vote for turkey meatballs with spaghetti.

I also love turkey chile.

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Another vote for turkey tacos. They’re delicious, better for you, and you can barely tell the difference!

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Anything you can do with ground beef you can do with ground turkey: meat balls, meatloaf, chili, just about anything. Just don’t get ground turkey breasts, just the white meat. There needs to be a little fat in it to make it work, I think.

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Another vote for meat balls. I have a meat ball in my mouth as I type this. I used sausage but turkey is dank too. Mmmmm do it up, spaghetti!

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“I also love turkey chile.”

I meant turkey chili the food, not the Turkish part of Chile. ;-p

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Put it in a frying pan with a little oil, and some ground pepper and sea salt. Crumble with a wooden spoon or with a spatula it as it cooks. While you are doing this, also cook some quinoa and let them both cool.Once both are cool, mix them together with some veggies of your choice, and some cheese and oil and vinegar to taste. I usually use slightly steamed kale and/or fresh spinach with diced bell peppers, walnuts, and bleu cheese. Pretty much any fresh veggies are good in this.

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I ended up making taco salad and it was really great, thanks everyone

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